The Dee-Oh-Double-Gee Likes Hazelnut?

Abby is the cutest pup around but yesterday she was up to no good. I knew she was almost out of kibble but decided to wind down at home for awhile and go to PetSmart a bit later. I gave her what food was left and worked on a craft project until around 8:30 p.m. Abby’s been extra determined and mischievous regarding food sneak attacks lately so before I left, I made sure there was nothing nearby she could get her paws on. I did have a cup of coffee from Panera but couldn’t imagine it would tickle her fancy, so I left it behind and popped out to get the kibble. (I should mention that I’d set my cup on something called an add-a-space, which is a cool tray dealie that attaches to a chair I have, one my parents handed down to me.)

I returned about a half an hour later, sweaty from lugging a 40-pound bag of kibbs. As soon as I walked into my apartment, I noticed the familiar, comforting smell of hazelnut. I waddled to the kitchen, dropped the enormous bag of food, and headed into the living room where I found my Panera cup in the middle of the floor on its side. I looked over at Abbs, who’d been sniffing the bag of food and prancing with excitement. “Abby Lee Floofenheimer? What did you do,” I asked. She hung her head suspiciously and looked away, her signature acknowledgement of guilt and attempt to pretend she’s distracted by something completely unrelated to any risky business. Upon inspection, I found splashes of coffee all over the add-a-space and down the front and side of the chair. I also found damp patches here and there, all leading to the empty cup. Another glance at Abbs revealed that one of her normally soft, velvety ears and a bit of her ruff were wet. I leaned over her and sniffed, inhaling the lovely aroma of wet, naughty puppy and coffee.

All the pieces fell together when I reconstructed the crime in my mind. As soon as I’d left, Abby prissed over to the add-a-space, beckoned by the contents of my cup. She’s never had coffee or shown a great deal of interest in it but it smelled good enough to push her sweet paw across the line between good and evil. She must’ve easily knocked over the cup, spilling coffee on herself and the chair. From there, she’d nosed the cup across the floor and slurped all the delicious, creamy hazelnut spilling from it. Very dodgy! I must say she did a rather impressive job of cleaning up the mess. My cup had been nearly full but there were only traces of coffee in a few spots.

I always get a Greenie for Abbs when I go to the pet store, but I elected to withhold it after we had the “bad girl” talk. Once I’d cleaned up and sat down, she looked at me with big, sad eyes, flopped down next to the giant bag of food, and gave a pathetic, tortured sigh. It occurred to me that she might have been angry she hadn’t gotten her full serving of kibble earlier but I think it’s more likely opportunity and her inescapable animalistic nature collided. Let’s hope she doesn’t figure out there’s a Starbucks across the street.


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