Alert, alert – I just saw a spider in my office!! He’s not very big but he’s gangly and creepy nonetheless. I wonder if he’s related to Mumford? My toe is itching now. I hope my office spider hasn’t already bitten me. And speaking of spider bites, Lean has a BIG gnarly one on her arm. You should see it – there’s even a weird bruise. I hope her arm doesn’t rot off. I should work the suicide hotline, huh?

Now my other foot is itching!

And speaking of Lean, she brought me a lovely pressie last night – a mint plant fresh from her Mama’s garden. It smells great.


And speaking of basil, Lean and I had our inaugural swim last night. We arrived at the pool to find two noodles, which we used to do all sorts of dirty things. My favorite trick is hooking up the noodle to an underwater jet and spraying water in Lean’s face – splashy!

After swimming, we headed to Lean’s to watch the latest episode of Cathouse and a few season three episodes of Sex & the City. While we watched, I painted my nails a sassy dark ruby color called Beat Perle. Rawr!


One Response to “Spih-DERR”

  1. jay dub Says:

    spider bites can be dangerous! tell lean to not mess around with it! i’m itchy now…. great, now all I need to think about are the ticks i found on luci…. argh….

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