Spendin’ Gs

Last week’s Thursday 13 might’ve given you an inkling as to what I’ve been doing with my disposable income lately. I asked my boss to route my paychecks directly to certain Etsy sellers. There’s no point in bothering to move any of my earnings into my bank account – it’s just sad and cobwebby in there!

Most recently I purchased this adorable kissing buns necklace from Danielle Maveal’s Etsy store:

Kissing Buns Necklace

There was a bit of a mix up but Danielle was very gracious and sorted things out promptly. LOVE this necklace! If you’re interested in getting something from her shop, just enter the coupon code “rarebird” and you’ll get 15% off your order through May. I especially like this strawberry necklace and these darling fish earrings

I’ve never done any crewel work before but couldn’t resist buying this vintage crewel embroidery kit from Knitchka’s Etsy shop. I love the happy little bluebird and am anxious to give this craft a try. There are still a few kits available if you’re interested.

P.S. I just saw ANOTHER spider in my office – a different one that yesterday’s. What the hell?? Do I have an infestation! I’m scerred!

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