Indianapolis is pretty bananas right now. The track is a giant magnet, luring thousands into its ovular trap of loud engines and food on a stick. And don’t forget the celebs – they’re pouring into town. Even Ludacris is in route from Atlanta, ready to tear it up at Club 7 tonight.

Today is Carb Day – I don’t really know what that means but can’t be bothered to Wiki it, which is sayin’ somethin’.

Mama got into town Tuesday evening for a visit and has been getting settled in. Abbs was SO happy to see her – she pranced and gave tons of kisses. I lived at home when Abbs was a pupper so she and my Mom have a special bond. For all intents and purposes that means Abby knows she can almost always sucker my Mom out of a bit of whatever she’s eating.

I don’t have too much planned for Memorial Day. I think I’m cuttin’ out early today to see Pirates with Lean. (For the record, I liked the first one but wasn’t very impressed with the second. Johnny Depp is such a great actor AND delicious!) My Mom and I will be working on some sewing projects and organizing and I have Monday off of course – hooray! I also need to do a bit of work but we’ll see what comes of that because I’m not feeling particularly industrious.

I forgot to mention that I saw Away From Her last weekend. B had recommended it, saying it’s very, very sad but romantic and wonderful. I prepared myself for a Million Dollar Baby-style cryfest but although it was heart wrenching, I didn’t weep. The movie is beautifully done and above all a story of sweeping, all-consuming love. It’s about a woman who develops Alzheimer’s and how it affects her relationship. There will definitely be Oscar nods. I was particularly impressed with Gordon Pinsent who played Grant, the main character’s hubby. His performance was quiet but earth-shatteringly moving. I thought Kristen Thomson did a fantastic job too. She perfectly captured a realist, no-nonsense-but loving nurse who doesn’t talk much about it but is palpably burdened by her own hardships. She was brilliant. Check it out but plan to do something fun afterward like Chuck E. Cheese or a pillow fight.

P.S. After I had such a good experience Don Kramer got his hair cut at the Aveda Institute and said “I think that’s one of the most pleasant hair experiences I’ve ever had.” Woo hoo! And speaking of hair, don’t you think Orlando looks SO much better with shorter locks?


3 Responses to “Vrooooom”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I wish I was in Indy! Carb day is the day that fans get to tour the garages and see the cars (and if lucky, the drivers)!

  2. Kriss Says:

    Awww, have a fun weekend with your Mom!! I would totally sneak GabbyAbby some treats, too. 🙂

  3. A-frame Says:

    Must respectfully but vehemently disagree about the O-Bloom’s short hair. The longer the hair, the more deeply I can tangle my fingers in it and ensnare him in my um, erm, wait, let’s keep this a family show. Ahem.

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