On Notice: Cantankerous Litterbugs


My poor fluffy bear had a bad tummy yesterday because the Lazy Litterer struck again! Several times in the last few months Abby has found caches of abandoned vittles in random nooks around my apartment complex. Yesterday’s edition was a bag of lunch meat, slices of cheese, granola bars, and Pringles. The reasoning behind this intolerable hybrid of unpredictable rubbish-spreading escapes me. What exactly are the circumstances in which something like that happens? You’re strolling along, decide “I’m SO over this burdensome food,” and feel justified in dropping it on the spot? WHO DOES THAT? While the littersome element is irritating, the main reason it pisses me off is that Abby is quick AND sneaky, meaning she sniffs out these holdings, gobbles up tons of food (usually swallowing it whole) before I can shoo her hither, and then gets sick. She can’t really be held too accountable for her behavior because she is after all an animal. I hate to have Abbs on her leash all the time but I don’t want her snarfing gnarly parking lot leavin’s either. Guess I’ll have to be more diligent about monitoring her when she’s off leash. I especially like her to be able to run freely in a big grassy area close to my building. There’s a babbling creek and lots to explore. Unfortunately she recently figured out she can sneak through some nearby hedges and access my apartment complex’s recycling area where she sometimes finds delicious morsels and yesterday scored big.

These litterbugs must be stopped! Join me in the fight to keep our parking lots free of eschewed grub. Spread the word that if caught, the culprit can expect a fierce stick poking and refusal of admittance to all apartment functions. That’s right – no free Papa John’s pizza or mixers by the pool! I suspect those are hefty enough punishments to ward off even the most notorious litterer.


2 Responses to “On Notice: Cantankerous Litterbugs”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Poor Abbs! 😦 Hope her tummy is feeling better today & you can manage to give her a couple extra cuddles, to get her through the rough spots.

    People are stupid, aren’t they? Yesterday, I got a fish hook stuck in the bottom of my shoe. While walking through a Chinese restaurant’s parking lot.

  2. westwardbound Says:

    I’ve seen people throw food and trash out of their car wrappers in Indy too. Seriously, people on the east coast stopped doing that in the 80s after there was a major crackdown on the behavior by the media/law enforcement. Sorry about your pup!

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