Stroke This

I’m finally doing the keystroking I was supposed to do several weeks ago. Working on Sunday blows but at least I’m being productive. I find I’ve been completely UN-industrious in most areas of my life lately so I could use the boost from a hard day’s work – that makes it sound like I’m pickin’ cotton under the hot Georgia sun, which isn’t the case for a number of reasons, not the least of which is my delicate cuticles.

Last Monday, Moxy, Lean, and I were all in pretty foul moods. None of us had a stellar holiday weekend. Poor Mox found out the great guy she’s been dating is moving to the West coast and Lean’s boyfriend came into town but wasn’t exactly Prince Charming.  We decided to head to Cancun and drown our sorrows in liquor and saturated fat. As you may know, I don’t really like the taste of alcohol but I had the BEST mango Margarita EVER. It was so awesome and I was thirsty so I drank it too quickly and ended up gettin’ a little Coyote Ugly. Well, I didn’t do any hitch kicks on the bar but I was a smidgen tipsy and Mox was too, which made me feel like less of a 15-year-old sipping wine coolers.

During dinner we each made a list of five things we would do during the week to improve our lives. Some of the things were minor and in truth I didn’t do everything on my list but it felt like a mini-accomplishment to have some concrete, doable goals.

After dinner, we headed back to Moxy’s to watch Music & Lyrics but ended up chatting and playing Pass the Secret. We also agreed to have a slumber party on Friday. I’d forgotten I had to teach early, early Saturday but we got together anyway and hung out into the wee hours of the morning. As often happens, the exciting exploits of SJP & the girls lured us in – we watched Season Two episodes of Sex & the City. I’ve seen them all three million times but that show is so great, it never gets old. We talked about boys and giggled and Mox and I even learned something interesting about one another (soon you’ll wonder why I used the word “interesting.”) Turns out we both enjoy those yummy frozen fruit juice bar thingies. (I think she had the Edy’s/Dryer’s ones but it may have been another brand. I especially love the no-sugar-added ones.) Anyhoo, I don’t like to eat mine when they’re very cold, so I usually take one out of the freezer and leave it out until it’s slushy and drippy. Moxy doesn’t like hers too cold either so before she eats one, she squishes it in between her couch cushions where it’s warm – that way it gets nice and melty. Isn’t that cute? Why don’t we have boyfriends?!

One other thing I forgot to mention – my Mom and I saw Waitress last weekend and it was delightful. Ever since Felicity, I’ve had a crush on Keri Russell and how delicious is Scott Speedman, who played Ben on the show? Mmm, he has those incredible, laughing, mischievous eyes. What was I talking about? Ah yes, Waitress. So Keri Russell did a great job – my only qualm with her performance was her terrible southern accent. It was totes unrealistic and should’ve been nixed but other than that, she was lovely and so endearing in that way she always manages to be. She plays a small-town waitress who works in a diner and makes creative, delectable pies. She’s married to an abusive bunghole and ends up getting preggers. Soon she’s having an affair with her doctor and things go from there. Andy Griffith plays the crabby-but-good-hearted owner of the diner – it was the perfect role for him. The movie is fun and uplifting and the characters are lovable and funny. Lean saw it and loved it too but guess what she told me? Adrienne Shelly, who wrote and directed the movie, was murdered last fall by this nutbar construction worker who lived in her apartment complex. Isn’t that awful??

Gosh, that’s a bad way to end a post. How ’bout this instead? Sweet, huh?


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