The People Have Spoken

I forgot to tell you guys about the overwhelming response from my survey asking what B should say to President Clinton when he recently had an opportunity to meet him. It’s a miracle the server didn’t go down from all the traffic the survey generated – there were SIX, that’s right 6 responses!  The majority of respondents wanted B to say “I wish someone would give Bush a blow job so we could impeach HIM!” One person suggested “I’d probably go with the old standby: ‘Are you looking at my crotch..? Are you looking at my crotch?! I don’t care if you were the president, I don’t have to take that buddy!'” And Lean suggested “I’m a big fan of the fig. I know your wife is big proponent of health care. Can she do anything about this yellow toe nail? Sometimes I scream out the word ‘HAMPER’ for no reason.”

For the record, B ended up saying “This is really a true honor for me Mr. President. I know you have inspired me and my generation.” Then apparently Billy smiled and replied “Well I think what you’re doing for places like this is awfully inspiring.”* B of course passed out and came to in Clinton’s arms. The unlikely pair giggled and agreed to have lunch soon.

An extra juicy tidbit is that Bush Sr. was also in the house and guess what he called B? → Big feller ← Can you believe that? What is this, Hee Haw? B said Aitch-Dubb was lookin’ pretty haggard and unfortunately Babs didn’t make a cameo.

I’m still giddy with excitment from the whole affair. I think this means I’m pretty much guaranteed to get into Hyde if I go to L.A. anytime soon.

*Clinton received an award from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center for his work during Katrina.


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