Popping Out To Say “Cuckoo!”

Hi! I still blog here, but this week has been K-R-A-Z-E-E so I haven’t enjoyed a lot o’ free time. I’ve lots to share but am under the gun at work AND have to teach a Dreamweaver workshop in Bloomington tonight. I hope the students are prepared to rub my feet and serve me Mai Tai’s throughout class, ’cause I’m worn out!

Until next time please enjoy these tasty celeb tidbits:

  • Yummy Peter Sarsgaard on the set of his new film – can’t wait to see it. He’s such a great actor.
  • Look how SMOKIN’ the ladies of Big Love are? Absolutely stunning! I’ve been so excited for the premiere of season 2. I missed the first episode because I was trying to finish a sewing project while my Mom was still in town BUT Lean taped it so I’ll watch soon. Fantastic show!
  • Just delicious is what I’m sayin’.
  • Joaquin is back baby – like a “Phoenix” rising from the ashes! 

P.S. The purpose of the Dollar Store is defeated when you spend more than $25.


One Response to “Popping Out To Say “Cuckoo!””

  1. Kriss Says:

    I love “Big Love”, but I was a little disappointed in the season opener. Watch it yourself & tell me what you think. It felt a little disjointed or something.

    But yeah, they are gorgeous! I think Ginnifer Goodwin (Margene) is my fave.

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