I just finished teaching the Dreamweaver workshop and overall it went well but I felt unprepared and scatter-brained. This week has been wonky so I didn’t have time to prep as much as I normally like to. Also the traffic on the way down was terrible – I barely made it to class in time.

After each workshop, the participants complete evaluations. Just so you have an idea of the highs and lows of teaching, here are some comments from tonight’s evals:

What did you like best about the class? “The THROUGH [stet] handout and the clarity and confidence of the instructor.”


Other comments: “instructor had no rhythm – sometimes talked too fast, sometimes went too slow. Then too much talk, talk and all of a sudden, she was showing something quickly…”

Damn – nobody’s ever slammed my rhythm before. I really pride myself on being a good instructor so that stings. Of course the majority of the evals were positive but it’s the negative comments that stand out. Such is the curse of my ridiculous perfectionism. But this is also indicative of the fact that I just don’t have my shit together these days, not really in any area of my life. It’s frustrating. I’m trying to break things into manageable bits but I definitely feel overwhelmed. Everything seems out-of-whack. I’m hoping I’ll soon feel more like myself. Maybe I should start dropping acid.


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