Unplanned Liveblogging!

Something rather amusing is goin’ down right now and I just have to share it. I’m scheduled to teach a Dreamweaver workshop this morning. Our classes have an instructor and an assistant who hovers at the back of the classroom to help people when they miss a step or get lost. For this particular Dreambeaver (hee hee) workshop, we have demonstration Web accounts for each participant. Generally whoever is instructing sets up the accounts. When I got to the classroom this morning, the assistant (whom we’ll call Beavis) said he’d set up the accounts already. I was surprised but thanked him profusely and assumed he just wanted to help.

Before class the assistant usually loiters at the front of the classroom to check in participants and hand out materials. This gives the instructor time to prep. Since I’m scheduled to instruct, after I arrived I headed to the back of the classroom, where I normally hang out before I teach. I noticed that Beavis was hoving nervously as he often does before teaching. I also noticed he was pouring over some highlighted class materials. (Instructors have their own materials that we mark up and highlight to guide us when teaching.) Beavis’s behavior made me think I had perhaps misread the schedule so I double-checked but found I was supposed to instruct and he was supposed to assist. Meanwhile Beavis wrote some info on the board and asked me if I could see it from the back of the classroom. Again I was surprised he was doing all this but had checked the schedule and figured he was just in an over-achieving mood.

When time came for class to begin, I walked toward the front of the classroom to go to the instructor station. At the same time Beavis shut the classroom door, started heading for the instructor station too, and before I got there said “Welcome to Dreamweaver! My name is Beavis. I’ll be instructing today’s workshop and our assistant is [Mymsie].” I shot Beavis a look as he continued with the standard opening spiel. About that time he said, “We’re lucky to have [Mymsie] as an assistant because she’s a full-time Web developer.” I offered an uncomfortable wide-eyed grin, waved to all the participants, and quickly checked the schedule AGAIN on a nearby computer. I found that my eyes had not deceived me lo those many times. Since class had started already, I didn’t want to explain the situation to him and risk undermining his or my credibility. I thought for a minute and decided the best thing to do was just go with the flow.

All this is good news for me because assisting is LOTS easier than instructing. I do feel bad for poor Beavis though. We’re working together again next Saturday – I’m scheduled to assist but have a feeling we’ll be trading places to make up for today’s calamity.

Aren’t you glad Beavis and I are teaching a new generation of technophiles? We’re really smart and handle our affairs well! We have the Internet on a disk.

Edited to add: I told Beavis at the break and we had a good laugh. Needless to say I’ll be teaching next Saturday.

P.S. TWO different class participants have asked me to do freelance work today – woo hoo! However I bailed on my last freelance gig because I simply didn’t have time so before I take on any new work I need to make sure I can fit it in.


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