My Pleasure

I’m very loyal to brands my parents used when I was growing up. After years of unabashed allegiance, I still love Jergens Original Scent and Dial bar soap (I prefer the Vitamins kind, which I think has been discontinued but I found a stash at the grocery store and stocked up.) I also maintain that Comet is the best bathroom cleaner in town. Them new-fangled sprays ain’t got nuthin’ on it!

My Mom always felt higher-quality paper towels (Bounty), terlet paper (Charmin), and Q-tips (uh, Q-tips) were worth the extra cost so I inherited that belief as well. I used Bounty for a long time but when Viva came out, found it was softer, stronger, and more absorbant. It was a big deal for me to switch to another brand but Bounty just wasn’t cuttin’ it and had to be benched.

My Dad did the laundry for my family and he always used Tide detergent and Bounce dryer sheets. He called dryer sheets “fluffs” so I did too. I didn’t realize that was weird until once when I said it to Ern. She knew my madness well enough to know what I meant but had never heard anyone else call ’em that before. Hee.

Tide Simple PleasuresSo having been indoctrinated at an early age, I’ve always used Tide as an adult. It works very well (especially for a stain-prone klutz like me) and I love its smell, which never fails to make me feel safe and cozy.

I’d heard some hullaballo about the new Tide line Simple Pleasures but kept forgetting to try it until recently. I bought a bottle of the vanilla & lavendar flavor and used it to do laundry this weekend. Let the record show that I triple-chocolate-dip LOVE this stuff. It smells like heaven and buns and rainbows and lollipops. I can’t stop sniffing myself! You’re welcome to sniff me too if you want.

Do any of you guys use fabric softener? What do you use it for – literally softening your fabrics? I don’t get it. What about soap – do you use the liquid stuff and a poof? I’m a staunch bar lover. The liquid stuff feels slimy and ucky to me. 

Interestingly enough, I’m not fussed about buying a particular brand of toothpaste, trash bags, or sammie baggies. I’m also a fan of generic versions of common over-the-counter medicine. You know the cough syrup Robitussin? CVS’s version of that is called Tussin, which makes me giggle.

P.S. All the links I found for a free sample of Simple Pleasures were expired. If you know of a current offer, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

P.P.S. I just remembered that my Mom tested products for Proctor & Gamble when I was younger. I think it had something to do with her coursework – her undergrad and Master’s concentration was home economics. Maybe that’s why all this stuff matters to me.

Hint from Myms-ouise: Drop a few fluffs in the bottom of your kitchen trash can to keep it from smelling yucky.


3 Responses to “My Pleasure”

  1. jay dub Says:

    Me loves the lavender downy. I only use it on sheets and bed spreads though. I have sleepy episodes too often on a daily basis to have my clothes scented with lavender!
    Oh, and I use fabric softener to soften clothes and kill static. I also think it helps reduce wrinkles (if you get clothes out of dryer when it’s finished tumbling)

  2. Amelia Says:

    I use dryer sheets (unscented) to reduce static. Growing up, we washed Dad’s wool socks with everything else, so our clothes frequently came out of the dryer as one big static-cling ball. As soon as I got to college, I began buying dryer sheets. But I don’t use fabric softener.

    We mainly buy things because they are Consumer Reports “Best Buys”–Tide with Bleach powder, Dawn dish soap, Cascade dishwasher detergent powder, Bounty paper towels, etc.

    I grew up with Charmin, but hubby grew up with Scott, so we compromise and buy Scott Extra Soft.

    I use a bar soap (Weleda Calendula Baby Soap) because it’s too much of a pain to use a face wash on my face and a shower gel on my body. I can use the soap everywhere–it doesn’t make my face break out.

  3. Kriss Says:

    I have super-sensitive skin, so I have to use Cheer Free & Downy Free (no artificial colors or scents). We have really hard water, and our towels would be stiff as a board if we didn’t use liquid fabric softener in the washing machine.

    I use liquid soap & a poof in the shower. Bar soaps always seem to get mushy & gooey to me. Hubby is a tried & true Dial addict, too.

    I buy lots of generic, too. Dave & I both take Claritin … but the Walgreen’s generic version is “Walitin”. It’s exactly the same – just different packaging.

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