Suh-mah Suh-mah Suh-mah TIE-eem

How can today be only the first day of summer? It’s been above 90° for weeks now. The poor grass is so brown and parched. This does not bode well for a summer full o’ canoeing fun. Even though rain usually makes me feel blue, I hope we get lots and lots so I can eek out a few days on the water before the leaves turn.

Yesterday my boring conference finished early – at 2 p.m.! I was soooo ecstatic to hop into the Goose and moments later emerge from the gloomy underground parking lot into the dancing sunshine.

While I’m gone during the day, Abby spends her first few hours sleeping in the bathroom backed up against the cool bathtub. (How else is a furry girl to stay comfortable?) Then in the afternoon when it gets closer to time for me to come home, she moves to a nest right behind the front door. She’s always there the minute she hears my keys jingling. Since I got home long before she’d migrated to her front door spot, she peeked out of the bathroom looking surprised. We played outside a bit and then I wanted to take a nap but decided against it, trying not to get my sleep schedule out of whack. I ended up diving back into a book I’ve been reading, Tara Road. It’s by the lovely author of Circle of Friends, which was made into a great movie starring Minnie Driver and Chris O’Donnell. Once I started reading again, I couldn’t put Tara Road down. It’s ultra dishy but beautifully captures a wide-ranging cast of delightful characters. The author, Maeve Binchy has a great way of bringing deliciously-flawed, endearing souls to life. You root for some and can’t stand others but relate to them all and feel completely immersed in their lives. Her writing compels you to rise and fall with each of their triumphs and sorrows. And it was heart-warming to read a book so boastful of the interminable human spirit – a reminder that we can survive things we never thought we could. It was a fun, indulgent read but meaningful and poignant – perfect for a lazy afternoon.

Abby snoozed happily as I read, interrupted only once when she was apparently having a dream. She woofed and huffed under her breath as her sweet paws flinched and jittered – so adorable! I bet she was chasin’ a bun in Dreamland.

A guy at work has been stopping by my office lately. He’s very sweet. We all just got new phones and management has insisted we take training because you know, phones are advanced, what with the dialing and the lifting of the heavy receiver and all. Monday my new buddy popped in to say, “I noticed we’re signed up for the same training session.” I hope he’ll let me copy off his paper! 

I also met a cute photographer at my conference. I have another friend who is desperate for some freelance photography work, which I was thinking I could use as an excuse to contact Conference Photographer Guy. Sneaky, huh?

P.S. How cute is this kitschy tote?


One Response to “Suh-mah Suh-mah Suh-mah TIE-eem”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Zoey sleeps against the bathtub, too (and kicks the rugs all over the floor – apparently Miss Thing can’t stand rugs). Great (Pyr) minds think alike, huh?

    And oooooh – Mr. Phone Man – you know he wants you to play with his dingaling!!!!! 😉

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