New Phonage

My workplace is abuzz with excitement – we changed phone systems and everyone got fancy new phones. They’re black and sleek and modern. We can even pick different rings. People are running back and forth between offices talking about new features and settings as though sliced bread had never been invented. In a training class earlier this week I found out I can orchestrate 6-way calls now so I too am a little giddy, my thoughts swirling with dirty plots.

I made a mix CD last night – a fun, summery listen, with room enough for Umbrella* and Icky Thump. (Speaking of, how incredibly talented is Jack White? I love that The White Stripes’ sound is versatile enough to easily incorporate bagpipes. I heard an interview with Jack and Meg last week on Fresh Air. I had no idea he had a small role in Cold Mountain AND performed on the soundtrack – amazing!) I also threw in a few fun recommendations from Weaker Vessel, including Daft Punk Is Playing at My House, Bucky Done Gun, and Perfect. Ooo and I added Dancefloor by Stylophonic to my toe-tapin’ mix. (You may’ve heard it in a Dolce & Gabbana commercial awhile back.) A few obligatory slow jamz round out the playlist – Shine On, Run, and The Wings (shut it.)

In other news, I stumbled upon the raddest pool on Flickr – Through the View Finder. The pictures are incredible! (Some of my faves.) I read a description of how they’re taken, but I don’t get it. Don Kramer (resident expert photographer and graphic artist), can you explain in the comments?

*When I first heard Umbrella it irritated the hell out of me, but I’ve since changed camps, ever inspired by Hova’s vision.

Edited to add: Check out this page to read Rock Star Mommy’s explanation of the TtV pics. There’s more info in the comments too. (I’m sure some cheaterheads Photoshop their pics. Don Kramer said: “Looks like layering in Photoshop. Duplicate the sharp layer and then blur the duplicate then use the radial layer mask to have parts of the original sharp image show through. It’s just put in a stock faux polaroid frame that has some dust specs on it.”)


2 Responses to “New Phonage”

  1. Kriss Says:

    I dunno about the “Through the Viewfinder” series. Some of them are really cool . . . . but I wonder how many people cheat & just use photoshop to make a frame around their photo.

    Did you see Brokeback Mountain? I still haven’t; but teared up at the youtube thing you posted. It looks so touching.

  2. Creekle Says:

    My workplace recently got new fancy printers, and let me tell you – people were giggling like it was Christmas….that is, until we found out that we had to attend three (3!) training sessions. On Mondays. At 8am.

    Talk about cruel and unusual.

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