Family Time

Thanks for all the sweet notes about my Ebola cootie – I’m feeling a lot better today. Instead of sneezing every two minutes, I’m down to achooing only every half hour or so, with the occasional power snort here and there. Apparently I need to go to an allergist. Growing up I had terrible allergies. I had to get shots and everything. As I got older, my allergies became less and less problematic unless kitties were involved, in which case I still puff up and turn into a wheeze-y ball of anti-dander.

I stayed home again today to rest and recover from an arduous evening spent watching Big Love with Luscious Lean & Foxy Moxy. Leaner is headed to Minneapolis today to visit a friend, so Mox and I are on kitty duty. As thanks, sweet Lean got us some lovely-smelling Yankee candle votives (Cottage Breeze flavor). I left mine in the Goose last night and when I got in my car around 1 p.m. today, I found a bag of 3 delightful-smelling suppositories floating in a sea of waxy blue goo. Ooops! The Goose sure does smell pretty though.

In other news, both of my parents are coming into town tomorrow. We haven’t all been together (sans my bro) in several years. The last time was not a fun affair, but a lot has changed since then, so I’m hopeful that we’ll have a good time together. My Mom is flying in to pick up her car, which she left at my place when she drove a truck packed with her stuff to Nebraska (more on that later.) Pappy’s visit is another story. You may’ve gotten the gist that I’m having a really hard time right now – I’m dealing with some yucky stuff, which I’ve always been very, very reluctant to talk about. The bottom line is that I need lots of help and support right now (SO difficult for me to admit.) It was wonderful having my Dad visit earlier in the year, like manna for my spirit. Since I’m having a rough time, I’d thought about asking him to come visit again. I hadn’t said anything yet but over the weekend found out that for a number of reasons he wanted to get out of town himself, so it was a win/win for us both!

This afternoon I did some cleaning. When you have an Australian Shep/Pyr mix pupper, you learn to live with fur fur FUR! Aside from regular vacuuming (which I have NOT been doing) you have to do monthly de-furring maintenance on big furniture items, namely the couch. I spent an hour and a half doing that this afternoon and holy balls – the fur was flyin’! Abbs lay beside me grinning innocently as if to say, “Mama – my fur makes pretty patterns! Why are you sucking it all up?” Dodgy hound.

In a bit Mox and I are going to see Evening and I cannot wait! When I saw the preview a few months ago, I nearly passed out. It looks so incredible! What a stellar cast – I especially love Claire Danes and Toni Collette. I promise to report back with a smashing review.


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