Mmm, Pumpkin Bread

Zeitgeist CoverDespite my unabashed jubilation, I haven’t said much about the Pumpkins’ new album (the first since their break up seven years ago) because I am so freakin’ excited, I don’t even know where to begin! I love the new stuff I’ve heard – it’s quintescential Pumpkins but fresh and loaded with lyrics and noise that deserve careful attention. (It also just plain ROCKS!) And in case you didn’t already know, I pink-floofy-bunny-slipper ♥LOVE♥ Billy Corgan. It probably sounds ridiculous for someone who has only been in close proximity to his awesomeness at concerts to say this but wow – what a beautiful, talented, phenomenal human being his is. He seems awash in a new hard-earned contentedness and desire to spread the love. And not in a cheesy bullshit way, rather a “self-aware rock star with an eye to the future” way. (He even smiles in the new Tarantula video and I think we all know who he’s smiling at.) I also think it’s great that he and the band announced their total support of fans sharing recordings and taped footage. It’s about music and art and creativity and not just dough. Rawr!!

Zeitgeist drops next Tuesday but you can get your fix in the meantime by picking up the July 2007 issue of Spin magazine. It includes a rockin’ Pumpkins tribute CD with performances by up-and-comers like Ben Kweller and The Bravery. [Eeks – I’ve slipped into ad copy speak!] I bought my copy last week and haven’t stopped listening since.

P.S. Don’t forget that the Pumpkins, like every other band totally dripping with coolness, are playing Live Earth on July 7.

P.P.S. Love this footage of Billy answering seven questions at a recent concert.


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