Since I started sewing, I’ve become a fabric stalker/addict, much in the same way I am with stationary and paper. I’ve almost finished my first sewing project (more on that later.) In the meantime, I’ve been busy scouring the Webernets for fun fabric and have found the best stuff. In my continuing adoration of all-things-Japanese, I’ve fallen for playful kawaii fabrics. Last night I ordered these 2, which I plan to use for some great magnets I’ve been making and a top-secret sewing project. (How adorable is the owl fabric??) This morning I also snapped up a slew of great textiles from Kitty-Craft, including this, this, this, and this. Ooooo, I’m excited! (Sorry to be so vague about the projects, but I’m making gifts for friends who also happen to be readers and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.)

Poor Pappy is having awful trouble. He’s had back problems for awhile and after getting several opinions found out he needs to have surgery. But since he arrived, he has a new, terrible pain and is unable to sit for more than about 5 minutes. Pappers 😦 He may have to go back early to have his surgery, which means I may be heading to Florida soon to help out in the aftermath.

We did lots of swimming this weekend, which was wonderful. The water has been SO warm. I introduced the fun and multi-functional noodle to my Dad. At first he was all, “Um, that’s scary” but now he’s addicted. Who could resist the wacky floating contortions and clever exercises you can do? Tons of noodle fun for everyone!

After watching the Pumpkins perform at Live Earth, I had a weird dream Saturday night. In the dream, Billy Corgan came to my high school to perform and at one point stood shockingly close to me as I was sitting down; so close that I was astounded by how tall he is.

Growing up, I admired the preppy monogrammed totes my Mom always carried so when Lands’ End offered free shipping a few months ago, I ordered a cutie tote bag. The style I picked was back-ordered but I finally received my bag a few weeks ago. After that, I had a dream that the bag I got in the mail was this cheap, weird, red mesh piece of crap – totally not what I was expecting. Dodgy. Thankfully I love my sassy new poke.

P.S. a trois

  1. I’m annoyed that my boss never calls in sick. He has all these sick days backed up. Over-achiever!
  2. The Pumpkins are on Letterman tonight – yippy!
  3. Strawberry Special K Protein Meal Bars are delish!

One Response to “FABric”

  1. PastaQueen Says:

    Are you on the Joanns mailing list? They send me circular’s and e-mails all the time with 40% off one item coupons. It also lets me know when pattern sales are, even though I still haven’t made anything I actually wear 🙂 I have some pretty fabric too, though. I want to make a really girl dress out of some urban camoflauge fabric I got.

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