Oooooo! Aaaahhhh!

Look what I made tonight:

My first fabric card holder

It’s a sassy fabric cardholder – and aye hey-ulped! Here’s the inside. Experts will no doubt guffaw at what a simple sewing project it is, but since I’m a beginner, I’m pretty pleased to have accomplished such a staggering feat. My Mom (who happens to be an expert seamstress) is helping me finish up a few parts of my first sewing project, which ended up being waaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated for a neophyte like me. In the meantime, I decided to bolster my pride by trying my hand at a project better suited for goofs newbies.

I followed this tutorial from Magda’s Little Thing blog. The steps are simple and easy-to-follow. I used leftover scraps of fabric from my first project – isn’t the paisley lovely? I topped everything off with a sweet little button covered in my lining fabric.

I learned a few things along the way, which I thought I’d pass on:

  1. When I went to JoAnn’s to buy velcro, I found round discs and bought them instead of a strip of velcro to cut squares from. I thought the discs would give the cardholder a more tailored look. The problem is that I can’t really sew in a neat circle yet and instead could only manage a jaggy octagonal blob. Before I make more of these, I’ll buy a strip of velcro to cut squares from so I’ll only have to sew straight lines next time.
  2. Don’t forget to backstitch when you start and finish the seam.
  3. At the end of her tutorial, Magda suggests using fusible stabilizer to give the fabric more oomph. I didn’t do this but definitely will next time, because it’s a bit flimsy otherwise.

I’ll be making several more of these puppies as gifts for friends but will use different fabrics. I’m also planning to try some other fun-but-easy projects. Stay tuned!


4 Responses to “Oooooo! Aaaahhhh!”

  1. Magda Says:

    your card holder came up great!! You did an awesome job. I am so happy to know that the tutorial was useful and easy to follow for you.
    I thought about the velcro dots too, but then I remembered that I use them once an the sticky back wears out later with the use. Just one thing though, never attempt to sew those sticky Velcro dots because the glue will transef to your sewing machine needle. If you sew it by hand it becomes a mess and your hands are so sticky that you can not even hold the needle (I did it before myself and believe me, it is not a nice picture).
    Anyways, congatulations on your new and pretty card holder!!

  2. Creekle Says:

    That is just about the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping to get in more sewing projects this year, and this precious little guy just may have to be a contender!

  3. westwardbound Says:

    I love it…

  4. Sheree Says:

    Your little card holder turned out really cute.
    I don’t sew, but I do have my grandmother’s machine. I haven’t even tryed to thread it…LOL. I’d love too have one of them so maybe I’ll get brave and try to make one…or maybe not. I do so much better at crocheting. Anyway I wanted to let you know that I love it and you did great.

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