‘nudder So-win Projikt

Ta da:

Fabric Journal Cover

It’s a purdy journal cover (here’s the inside) and I am in LOVE with the fabric. My camera is crap at taking close ups but it’s a Japanese-y floral print – so lovely I want to make all my clothes and purses from it forever and ever!

I used Kirin’s awesome tutorial, which was very easy to follow. She even includes great diagrams that were extra helpful. My seams are a bit imprecise but I’m getting better I think. I added interfacing to the main cover fabric but probably will not when I make more of these. The interfacing made it VERY difficult to turn the whole thing inside out once I was finished. It also added unnecessary heft. I think it depends on what type of journal you’re covering and whether or not it has a sturdy cover. I’m making some more covers for those old-school composition notebooks, which are sturdy enough but can use the protection fabric offers from bumps and bruises. Another fun project down, tons more to go!

P.S. I found Kirin during my searches on Etsy. She designs the most incredible patterns, which she has screen-printed on fabric. I was thinking about buying Riverstones to make a shower curtain.


4 Responses to “‘nudder So-win Projikt”

  1. zookins Says:

    I love your journal cover!!

    Please don’t take this the wrong way – but we sooo need to find you a husband! 🙂 Some guy is out there, just waiting for someone as fabulous as you & Abbykins, to come strolling into his life. And you’re the whole package – cute, funny, and talented.

    You rawk!!!!!

  2. PastaQueen Says:

    That cover is way cute!

  3. Addie Says:

    I made one of these using the same tutorial last night to cover my planner. Yours looks great!

  4. jo Says:

    these are so great … if only I could sew!!

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