Brrrr, Is What I’m Sayin’

The thermostat in my apartment is SO broken that while I slipped out to get coffee and bagels, my Dad (visiting from Florida, mind you) was so cold he felt compelled to TURN ON THE HEAT. Things are bad when you need to turn on the heat in July. And no, it’s not user error. It doesn’t matter what freakin’ temperature you set the damn thermostat on – it persists in deceitfully triggering the AC to dip into its more-frigid repertoire, blasting ice-cold air throughout the apartment for hours on end.

In the past few years, repairmen have come over several times to make adjustments but nothing’s worked. Before he left the last time the repair guy said, “If this doesn’t help, nothing will!” (Awesome bedside manner)

I’ve already e-mailed the main office several times but haven’t heard anything – I suspect it’s because my apartment complex is under new management. I hope the new people are pro-thermostatic temperature control ’cause I can’t take the cold!

P.S. I took the day off because I have an interview today. I’m not looking for a new full-time position. It’s just that someone recommended me to her boss so I might pick up some freelance editing work. (Eye r gud editz.) Peace out! 


One Response to “Brrrr, Is What I’m Sayin’”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Good luck with the freelance stuff . . . you can use the extra cash to buy Abbykins more cookies!

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