Very 1900 House

My power’s been out for almost an hour. I feel so disconnected! Since it’s late, I can’t even see to attend to any of my non-electric hobbies. Instead I’m dead-blogging in the dark with my deck door open, listening as more and more apartment complex folk gather outside to complain and speculate. That’s the perfect atmosphere for rumor-startin’. By tomorrow morning, the tale of The Great Power Outage of 2007 will no doubt involve a Pop-tart, a Swedish-made penis enlarger, and 4 didgeridoos.


One Response to “Very 1900 House”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Is it wrong that I giggled wondering what your “electric hobbies” are?!? 😀

    Did the power come back on before the great heat wave of today overtook the atmosphere above Indiananana?

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