Heat & Eat

Holy balls, it is SO hot outside! It’s supposed to get up to 92° today but thankfully we haven’t been inundated with Indiana’s typical late summer humidity. Still I cannot wait to jump in the pool after work. Ahhhh – refreshing!

And speaking of pools, I tried a new recipe last weekend and it was DELISH. A friend asked for recipe ideas to use up the over-abundance of zucchini from her garden and another friend (who’s quite the Weight Watchers success story) e-mailed a link to a bunch of WW zucchini recipes. I tried the Chicken & Vegetable Lasagna one (sixth post from the top, I can’t seem to link to it) and I will definitely make it again. It was so fresh and tasty! The only change I made was using Colby instead of feta between the layers. I love feta cheese but it sounded gnarly in this particular dish. I must say that this minor cheesy substitution turned out quite well and Pappy liked it too.

The only suckage from the whole affair came when I spilled an entire bowl of meticulously-chopped Vidalia onion and became so frustrated, I could only bring myself to replace it with a boring white onion I hacked to bits with a stick. I wish I were better at chopping – it’s fun watching people who’re good at it and I always think, “That looks neat – I could totes do it!” (This brief-but-telling glimpse at my inner monologue probably confirms a lot of your suspicions about my nerdiness.) Unfortunately I often end up with vittles in varying odd shapes and sizes – never the coveted uniform pieces of a professional. Only recently have I purchased a cutting implement more significant than an antebellum butter knife. While I’m far from being an efficient, deft chopper, I’m happy to report I’ve gotten lots better at that knife-rocking motion. I did a particularly fine job taming and chopping the unruly fresh parsley…too bad I forgot to add it to the sauce.

One Response to “Heat & Eat”

  1. Kriss Says:

    OMG – That chicken & zucchini lasagna sounds soooo yummy! I don’t know that I’d use feta, either . . . not a big fan of “the foot cheese”. 🙂

    We’re gonna be in the 90’s for the next few days, too. With no chance of rain for the 112th day in a row. I covet your pool!

    And don’t feel bad – I can’t chop anything uniformly, either. I’m too skerred I’ll end up losing a bunch of fingers, & will heretofore be known as “Nubby”!

    P.S. It’s Sassybritches Zoey’s fourth birthday today!!

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