Burfday Fun: Part One

Me, Lean's cous, Moxy, and Lean
Me, Lean’s cous, Moxy, and Lean

Moxy’s birthday party last Friday was a blast. I wish I’d taken more pictures but I got so wrapped up in the festivities, I forgot I even had my camera. Aside from me and Mox, in attendance were Lean, Lean’s cousin (who just returned from Ecuador), K-Bill, Don Kramer and his sweet beau Bill, Mox’s buddy Alex, and a bunch of Alex’s friends, one of whom we’ll call Merle – Mox’s condo was a’rockin’! For awhile we all hung out on Moxy’s awesome deck, where she has the most gorgeous flowers and plants and one of those cool, old-school gliders. Some randoms were sittin’ on the glider but despite my longing to glide, I opted against shoving them off.

After libations, I ended up chatting with Merle who, bless his heart, was very sweet and good-intentioned but not terribly blessed in the social skills department. I was eventually able to escape when the pizza arrived, since I was in charge of tipping the delivery lady. As the evening progressed, Merle got drunker and drunker and ended up a bit out of control. He was desperately hitting on Lean’s cousin, cussing in an awkward, forced manner, and even whistled to himself during an entire round of Pictionary. (Lean gave witness to another sordid tale involving Merle and a smelly bathroom but aside from this parenthetical, I’ll spare you the details.) The teams for Pictionary were boys vs. girls but poor Merle thought he was on our team for awhile. I think he probably felt like a buffoon the next morning. It’s been awhile but I too have acted ‘a’fool under the spell of dark liquor so I sympathize with his plight.

Merle’s antics didn’t stop anyone from having fun. We all chatted and giggled while slurping K-Bill’s famous Margaritas and sampling the yummy ‘nana dessert she made. Someone brought cheesecake which looked so delicious and addictive, I avoided it like the plague. Later Mox opened pressies. Lean got her two of Sark’s awesome, inspiring books and I enlarged and framed two pictures for her.

Eventually the inevitable came to pass. That’s right bitches – we got down to business and played my personal favorite and inarguably the BEST game of all time – Taboo! Oh, how I LOVE that game. My friends and I played it all the time in high school and I don’t want to brag, but being the gregarious blabbermouth that I am, I RULE and if you want to win, you’ll find a way to be on my team, no matter who you have to knock off the glider. As always, the best part about Taboo is the buzzer you get to use to bust players who dare to utter unspeakable words. (I also use it to interrupt conversations that I find boorish and call the manservant to fetch me drinks.) Needless to say, my team totally owned the other team, in what some might call a blistering defeat. Fortunately my humble nature keeps me from the well-deserved gloating I so desire.

All told, it was the happiest of happy birthdays and quite a success, especially since it was the first party Mox ever hosted at her pad.


2 Responses to “Burfday Fun: Part One”

  1. sandy Says:

    dude – taboo rocks. i’m equally obsessed with catch phrase [with a big group] and balderdash – which actually may be my fave.

  2. Kriss Says:

    I covet your hair. It’s so pretty and it looks extremely healthy! 🙂

    And I can SO see you rocking that Taboo buzzer!!!!! I love Scattergories (even though “we” seem to change the rules every time we play).

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