Concerned Devotee

Have y’all noticed that Target’s merch seems to be going to the dogs? At the risk of sounding totally Public-Enemy-circa-1989, I’ve seen some wack shit in the last few months. I know everyone has different tastes but there are some knick knacks that simply don’t belong in the hallowed aisles of The House of Red. Case in point:


Seriously, what egregiously-educated buyer added that gem to this season’s housewares line up?

Fortunately I love Target enough to say, “Look bitch, you need to re-examine your priorities and straighten up! You can’t represent with items like this (it’s bigger than a toaster!) lying on your dusty shelves.” Even the beloved Dollar Spot has been lookin’ rough (not to speak of the sneaky addition of $2.50 items.)

I just hope this doesn’t signal a Fall-of-Rome style decline. Perhaps it merely denotes the sad-but-inevitable end of my already-tenuous connection to pop culture. I am officially old…for real yo.


3 Responses to “Concerned Devotee”

  1. Kriss Says:

    I noticed the slippery slope of Target going downhill, too. But I still loves me the Dollar Spot. Two weeks ago, I bought a hot pink pitcher for $1.00, and every time I make lemonade in it, I think it was the best dollar I ever spent. 🙂

    P.S. That shoe is AWFUL, but I kinda like the little flower jar thingie to the right.

  2. PastaQueen Says:

    Yeah, what is up with the $2.50 items in the dollar section? Where are your standards Target! 🙂

  3. sandy Says:

    Ugh. That is so dingy blue evil Wal-Mart-ish and definitely not shiny red Target-ish…and it’s TEN DOLLARS?! Wow. DC metro Targets seem to be getting better, not worse. Weird. Maybe it’s a mid-west thang?

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