Im In Ur Crib Ternin On Ur AC

Lean just called to ask if I had planned to go home at lunch. She didn’t realize it’s supposed to get up to 98° today and her kitties are outside. We live pretty close to one another and my office is lots closer to our pads than hers SO I’m heading over to Casa Lean at lunch to crank the AC and corral the kitties inside. We noticed on previous hot days that they stayed outside and didn’t seem to mind the temp. In fact, Sabbath likes to sleep in this black bag on Lean’s deck – I think it gets nice and toasty in the sun. Still I don’t want them to get sick so they can chillax indoors this afternoon, watch Oprah, and eat bon bons.

And speaking of kittehs, I’m not really a cat person but nothing pleases me more these days than I Can Has Cheezburger. Check out this adorable, snoozin’ poof:



5 Responses to “Im In Ur Crib Ternin On Ur AC”

  1. The Pound Slayer Says:

    I absolutely love ICHC!!!! It has me rolling in hysterics every time. I dont’ think I would have appreciated it as much before I was a cat owner

  2. Kriss Says:

    I’m telling Abby that you’re cheating on her!!! With *cat* pictures, no less! 😀

  3. Creekle Says:

    I have caught myself talking in “lolcat” before – specifically the “I has a flavor!” and “I can has (blank)?” – most people just think I have the mental capacity of a four year old.

    If only they knew of the lolcats, they could join me in my lols. Le sigh.

  4. KNH Says:

    I, too, am addicted to the lolcats. I don’t think you have to love cats to find the humor! Although some of the people leaving comments are a little too into the lolspeak. They are furries, perhaps?

  5. Amelia Says:

    I love ICHC, too. And I share the especially funny ones with hubby. Growing Catnap was a very good one. I also like “Im in ur chare bein a tribble.”

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