When You’re Having Fun

New Flats How can it be the start of what still feels like the week after next? And for that matter, how can summer almost be over? In truth I find myself wistful for crisp autumn afternoons and the satisfying crunch of leaves under my new Burberry knock-offs.

I realized I haven’t blogged much about fun social events lately. Mostly I’ve been hanging out with the girls, sewing, and pretending to be up in the gym workin’ on my fitness. A few MySpace boys have been sprinkled here and there, including one who sent me a message that read: “hey, wats up?? i know im young but please respond” Bwahahaha – solid opener buddy. I checked his profile and he’s cute but a baby at 21-years-old. Besides that, I don’t really get the whole MySpace phenomena and am loathe to meet a life partner within its hallowed, animated GIF-y cyber-halls.

Don & LeanI never quite finished gushing about my birthday and all the fun festivities surrounding it and with the Ides of March just around the corner, I think it’s a good time to wrap up that topic. Other than being known worldwide as The Day Mymsie Was Born, August 7th also happens to be the day Don Kramer’s mother released him from her womb. In light of this delightful coincidence, we celebrated together with Lean and Moxy too. First we met for sushi at Sakura where Don totally wowed us with his chopstick skills. (Notice that Don is enjoying a traditional pre-sushi salad. I recently found a recipe for that awesome gingery dressing that always comes on the salad and I can’t wait to try it.)

After dinner we headed to Lean’s for cake, pressies, and merriment. With regard to inside jokes of which I’m thankfully ignorant, Lean gifted Don with two classic birthday treats – bacon and zebra cakes. And let the record show that before Don opened the package, he knew it was bacon and it was tightly sealed as to omit no odor or, um, bacon juice, so I’m thinking he’s at one with The Pork.

Lean asked Mox to pick up some candles and silly Mox got tea light candles instead of burfday ones, which made for a terribly funny, post-nuclear cake. But it was very tasty and we gobbled it up with ice cream too.

I got so many sweet cards and birthday wishes, and the presents, OH the presents! Everyone was too generous. Here’s the wrap up:

Despite this having been a tough year, it was a wonderful birthday. Don was kind enough to mark the occasion by taking a birthday pic of us from above, as to minimize my chins:

Lean, Me, & Mox


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