I eBay-ed/It’s Been eBay-deth/I Dun eBay-malated

Is there a verb for buying something on eBay, ’cause today I did just that for the first time ever. I feel so modern, never mind my unrelenting preferences for bar soap and rotary phones. I got this awesome clump o’ fabric:

Tea Cup Fabric
Click to embiggen

Cute, huh? I have lots of dastardly plans and can’t wait to get my grubby paws on it.

And speaking of paws, I took Abbs to Petsmart last week for a bath and a treatment that helps eliminate shedding. The last time I took her they did a fantastic job. This time they didn’t do well at all and more importantly, I noticed that my sweet fluffy bear has a few scabs on her skin here and there. They better not have been rough with her or in the words of Alby on Big Love, “Vengeance will rain down!”

And speaking of Big Love, I can’t believe the second season is already finished. Did you see the last episode? For the record, I don’t like these wonky, newfangled seasons the youngsters are doin’ these days. I don’t watch a lot of TV but the shows I like are all off-season. I’ve heard good things about Heroes, so I may rent the first season on DVD. I’m also excited to see Cashmere Mafia, which is supposed to be the new Sex & the City.

Last night I had a nice chat with Amy, who enthusiastically recommended Becoming Jane. I’ve been wanting to see it – maybe this weekend, although everyone is going out of town and I feel sort of odd going to a movie by myself. Lean invited me to go home with her but I think I’ll stick close to the homestead instead. I have lots to do in preparation for next weekend’s big camping expedition (more on that later.)

For the last few weeks, a merry band of construction workers has been repaving all the lots at my apartment complex. It is quite a stinky affair and I’m anxious for it to be finished. Before all the work started, apparently there was a sign asking residents to have their heaps out of the lots by 8 a.m. but I never saw it and was thus awakened by a burly, gruff construction worker banging on my door and telling me to move the Goose lest it be towed. Harumph! Needless to say, Abby was not pleased about the disturbance and woofed such a fierce bark I’ve never heard.

What’s that? You’re wondering what I’m listening to lately? Well I’ve really been enjoying the stylings of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s dueling acoustic guitars. The lively, up-tempo tunes leave my mouth agape at their fingerwork. Check out Tamacun, my current fave.

And one other shout out, which was On Blast to your right but I’m enjoying it so much I want to mention it again: the Savage Love podcast. Hosted by author Dan Savage, it’s frank and lascivious, totally derailing any urbane attempts at delicately discussing sex.

I am soooOOOooooo excited for the long weekend. Do you have fun plans? Hope you have a ball!


3 Responses to “I eBay-ed/It’s Been eBay-deth/I Dun eBay-malated”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Pretty fabric!

    I would call Petsmart and ask what happened (or better yet, take her back down there and ask for an explanation). I hate confrontation . . . but obviously something went wrong, or she wouldn’t be scabbed up. Poor little punkin.

    I didn’t really like the way Big Love ended (but I’m glad Anna is back – I think she has potential with the family). Bringing in Weaver gaming and the Green’s is just convoluting everything. There’s just too much going on.

    And Sarah having sex with that creep!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!! How could they have written that? Any self-respecting woman would have dumped him for sleeping with his ex. Worst. Turn. Ever.

    I also think Wanda is one chocolate chip away from a total meltdown.

    Happy weekend (also known as 3 days of many projects, at least around our house)!

  2. KNH Says:

    It’s like four, four, four posts in one!

    My satellite was on the fritz this week, so haven’t seen the season closer for Big Love yet. I was so rooting for Sarah to stick to her guns. It’s one of my favorite shows for sure.

    As for your doggie, there is no excuse for the scabs. That’s someone being in a hurry and not loving your dog like you do. Don’t know where you live, but I make the drive to Furbee in Broad Ripple to have my dog groomed. It’s a little doggie day spa and they really care about the animals. My dog had a knee replacement so I was worried about having someone hurt her knee, but they are really good to her.

  3. sandy Says:

    i am obsessed with big love. best show on tv right now. AH and i love margie – i think he has a crush on her – especially after all of the margene-is-nympho-slutty-mcslutface story lines. and i’m in absolute agreement about the season’s length and timing. it pisses me off! i live for scenes-from-the-next and i was so caught off guard by the season closer. plus, knowing hbo, the next season won’t start for more than a year. blech.

    i totally recommend heroes. as a tv connoisseur, i can say in all seriousness that it sort of kicks ass. add that dvd to nextflix. did you watch arrested development? if not, you must rent the dvds immediately and devote two entire days to watching them in succession!

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