And Sew It Continues

I finished another sewing project but this one really kicked my booty. I followed this tutorial to create a zippered wristlet. The problems arose when I had to use a zipper foot for the first time. I was hoping my sewing machine manual would help me understand how to use it but there wasn’t any documentation about it. I had to wing it and must have sewed, ripped, and re-sewed each seam 108 times. It was SO frustrating but I persevered:


Up close and personal, you’ll find a myriad of flaws including a poorly positioned strap but all in all, I’m pleased. The next time I work on a project with a zipper, I’ll have a better idea of what’s what.

I’ve gotten so much great fabric lately but it’s all so lovely and pristine, I hate to cut it. I think I’ve also mentioned that I’ve been trying to use cloth totes instead of plastic bags. In that same reuse vein, I’ve started hunting for vintage fabric in thrift stores. It all started when I was drooling over a thrifted find on Flickr, which apparently came from the DAV thrift store. I had no idea what that was but after I did some research, discovered it’s like Salvation Army or Goodwill but is associated with the Disabled American Veterans organization. I’m not sure if they only collect stuff from veterans but the stores are open to the public. Last week I went to one I found in Indy and scored big time:

DAV thrifted fabric

I got all that fabric for just a few bucks and I love the idea of re-purposing instead of only buying new fabric. Since I found those goodies, I went to a big Salvation Army in Indy and snapped up the cutest tulip fabric curtains. I’d planned to use the fabric for another project but the curtains are so cute, I may use them as is.

I tried to make a pencil clutch today that required the button foot on my sewing machine, but the directions in my sewing machine manual may as well have been in Chinese. CRAZEE! Until I figure out that mystery, I’ll be working on a tote bag. Stay tuned!

P.S. Do any of my Indy readers know where I could buy Amy Butler fabric in Indy? I know lots of places I can get it online but I’d love to see and buy in person.


3 Responses to “And Sew It Continues”

  1. Chubby Chick Says:

    VERY cool wristlet! I love the fabric.

  2. Amy Says:

    DAV collects from anyone. They call me at home to see if they can pick up things with their truck when it’s in the neighborhood. Frankly, I find that VERY annoying and wish they wouldn’t troll the phonebook. But yes, the concept is the same as Salvation Army, though I think they give all proceeds to disabled veterans.

  3. Lou Says:

    Ohh – great thrift find! I really love the autumny fabric!

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