Great balls of fire, I’m exhausted from staying up too late. I’ve gotten myself into a bad pattern. I’ve been sleeping better recently, except for some awful nightmares, but for some reason I’m staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. every night. College Freshman Mymsie breezily weathered such a rock star schedule but Old Arthritic Mymsie can’t hang! I spent a good chunk of the morning nodding off at my desk and praying no one would pop in my office and bust me catchin’ Zs. Not good for the yearly performance review, people.

On top of draggin’ my ass, I’ve had an eyelash akimbo all week. After a great deal of research, I think I’ve isolated the problem to a lower lash but I’m unable to right its position or remove the wispy bastard. It’s been driving me so mad I actually prayed to God this morning to please rid me of this terrible predicament. Then I read an article about Oliver Stone traveling to Vietnam to research his new film about the My Lai massacre. After I read more about the massacre, (in addition to being appalled, furious, and devastated) I was sufficiently mortified I’d ever complained about my paltry eyelash woe.

Wow, this post is all over the place. Fun, right?

This weekend is B’s birthday and to celebrate, he and two of his friends and Moxy and Lean and I rented some cabins in Brookville, IN – toot toot! I’m so excited and hope we have wonderful weather. I can’t wait to relax, recharge, read, roast marshmallows, take a few hikes with Abbs, and maybe tear it up a little at a local bar. Sounds like Outward Bound, right? Hey, one time Ern and I saw a snake! Don’t worry though – we’ll be safe with Scoutmaster B who’s usually in charge of starting our campfires…and by “starting our campfires” I mean “clumsily igniting the Snickers wrapper in his pocket while trying to light a smoke.” Unfortunately in the past, we’ve found other ways to injure ourselves – like the time when Lean and I broke the cabin’s porch swing, which was REALLY good for our self esteem.

P.S. This weekend the smelly boys are staying in one cabin and the lovely ladies are staying in another. This of course means there will be many, many pranks. B has already threatened a caper involving duct tape but we’re determined to outshine his juvenile shenanigans. To that end, dear reader, do you have any good ideas for devilish tomfoolery?

P.P.S. Yeesh – that postscript thoroughly exhausted my thesauratic vocabulary for the word “prank.”

4 Responses to “Snoozy”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Ack! No snakes!!!

    Take all the lightbulbs out of their sockets.
    Grease up the doorknobs with vaseline.
    Hide the toilet paper.
    Saran wrap EVERYTHING. Put it over the toilets, around their beds, etc.

    That’s all I got.

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    fill showerhead with blue or red powder paint
    span the doorway with scotch tape, sticky side in

  3. sandy Says:

    yarn their cabin. get a ton of yarn and string it really tightly ALL over the place so they can’t walk anywhere. it’s also helpful to tie two doorknobs together on opposite sides of the room so they pull against each other.

    then there are always water balloons. ahhh, to be 10 again.

  4. Amy Says:

    When I worked at a camp, the guys went into the girls’ cabin and screwed all their shoes (and there were a lot!) into the ceiling joists through the lace holes. They did this with a drill, of course, and then handed the girls a screwdriver.

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