I’m Ba-aaaaack

Y’all, I’m home and I had such a fun weekend! So fun that I lost my voice and sound all sexy and raspy now. (“My sticky shoes!”) I have lots of great pics to share and some terribly incriminating video with which to blackmail my pals.

I just watched Britney perform her new single Gimme More on the VMAs and I feel so bad for her – she seemed so nervous and completely stripped of all her self confidence. I can’t imagine how much pressure she feels. Yeah, she’s got a studio voice and yeah, she makes mistakes just like we all do but I think everyone should back off! For the record, her new song was included on the Official Cabin Weekend 2007 Mix™.

You should see Abbs – she is completely tuckered out. The minute we got home this afternoon she plopped down and commenced a great snorage. She played like a pup this weekend and frisked all over the place. Happy bear!

More soon 🙂 – can’t wait to catch up on all your posts.


5 Responses to “I’m Ba-aaaaack”

  1. Christine Says:

    That performance was just terrible. The look on everyones face was just awe. I did feel bad for her too. Not sure what kind of career she’ll have left now.

  2. Kriss Says:

    I caught the Britney thing this morning (gotta love YouTube!), and I felt uncomfortable just watching her. I think her career is officially tanked. 😦

    Happy you & Abbigal Von Floofybutt had a good weekend – can’t wait to see pics & read all about it!!!

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    Poor Britney – Some people just don’t know when they should fade into obscurity. It is the same as Michael Jordan trying to come back and play for the Wizards. He should have just stayed away and let everyone remember how good he was as a Bull. I don’t care for Britney as an artist anyway, but it seems that she has allowed her personal life to make her seem like a normal person and that has hurt her with her fan base. Teenie Boppers don’t want to see a normal person they want a superstar. Maybe Abby should take over for her! If she’s not too tired.

  4. sandy Says:

    ever since i saw her smack her gum in her nasty wig while eating cheetos from a bowl being held by her dirty feet and sucking the orange off of her fingers on cnn, i just can’t look at her.

  5. Chubby Chick Says:

    Thanks for the recipe that you left on my blog! It looks really yummy. I will definitely have to try that sometime!

    It really is sad about Brittney. I saw her performance on YouTube, and I thought she just looked plain old TIRED. It’s like she had no energy or spunk. Her heart was not in what she was doing. I hope she gets some help… not only for her… but for the sake of her kids.

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