Sunday morning, as the boys chowed down on biscuits at McD’s, Moxy and Lean and I sat at a nearby cafe nursing steaming cups of the only decent coffee we’d had all weekend. When we arrived, I noticed a TV mounted on the wall and some newspapers stacked on a table. As we thoughtfully munched our brunch, although I sat with my back to the TV, more than once I felt compelled to turn and watch CNN’s “Breaking News” report, a myriad of crawlers and brightly-colored icons surrounding a talking head. Then I realized I hadn’t been online or watched TV in a whopping 36 hours and truly felt a bit disconnected. Mox and I discussed how crazy it is to be so wrapped up in all that over-stimulating hoo hah but who among us hasn’t obsessively checked e-mail or totally disengaged, slack-jawed and drooling while watching Rock of Love and downloading porn. (Am I alone here?)

Lean went to a hippy fest in the forests of New York a few years ago where she meditated a lot and focused on centering herself. When she returned she told us she felt assaulted by all the stimuli in our culture. It’s bananas, when you step back and observe the amalgam of shizzle that swirls around us.

It was SO nice to unplug last weekend. I didn’t think about the news or e-mail or Javascript or any such nonsense. I just focused on maxin’ and relaxin’ with my crew and what a great feeling that was. Unfortunately, since I’ve started using Google Reader, I returned to a roiling sea of new! posts and exciting! announcements, HUNDREDS of them tallied before me. As I typed up my last entry I realized that all week I’ve felt rushed to get caught up, so much so that I’ve barely enjoyed any of the reading and sort of felt defeated before the week even began. How ridiculous is that?

Last fall, just for kicks, I stopped watching TV for a few weeks and instead listened to music in the evenings. I enjoyed it but ended up withdrawing a bit too much and became Overly Reflective Girl. It’s strange that part of life in the modern world is finding a balance between these two extremes of information deluge and out-of-touch hermit.


One Response to “Unplugged”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    Why in the world would you stop watching TV in the fall? That is when all the new shows start! So when you were “Overly Reflective Girl” did you blind other motorists when you were driving into work, or were you confined to only venturing outdoors while the sun was down, or it was overcast?(nice run-on) That would be a cool halloween costume. Cover your clothes with little mirror squares to become “Overly Reflective Girl”, or else you would be a human mirror ball. You would have to have friends go with you to shine flashlights on you to get the full effect.

    It’s true though, there is no way to keep up with all of it and have time to enjoy life. There are some people that spend all of their waking hours on the cell phone. That would drive me insane! With all of those things it is a matter of balance. Like drugs and alcohol, they rock, but if you use too much it will take over your life.

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