Margarita in a Box Trumps HotBox

Saturday evening, Lean, Moxy, and I endured such a calamity, Lean was forced to make a late-night liquor store run. She returned and proudly displayed what she’d purchased under duress: a box o’ Margarita. That’s right, it’s Insta-‘rita – all the ingredients you need for a Margarita, mixed together, and packaged neatly in cardboard. Neither Mox nor I had ever heard of such a contraption, but seeing the fervor with which Lean filled her glass via the box’s convenient spout quelled any concerns we might’ve had.

What could lead three sassy, sometimes-cosmopolitan ladies to blight their normally-delicate palettes with boxed cocktails? This, I say. THIS:

Bush Pizza

It all started when we decided to skip Oranje* in favor of veggin’ out at Lean’s place. As it’s often known to, pizza came up and thusly compelled, we ordered from HotBox, which used to be called Pizza Express, which started in Blooomington where I went to college. During my undergrad years, I ordered from Pizza Express often. My fave pizza was the Pesto Mambo, which HotBox still sells. It has pesto instead of tomato sauce and is topped with artichoke hearts, feta, broccoli, and black olives. It’s delish and totally my kind of ‘za. Mox is a fan too and we knew Lean would like it so we ordered a large and waited anxiously. What followed was a more-than-two-hour wait and several absurdly-tedious interactions with HotBox employees and a contemptible manager. When the pizza finally arrived and we refused to sign the receipt, the delivery man stormed off. Fifteen minutes later, when Mox left to pick up a pizza from Pizza Hut, Lean and I heard her gasp and say “Oh my God!” She’d found the landing of Lean’s apartment building littered with pizza toppings and Tootsie Rolls, HotBox’s trademark freebie dessert. Upon exiting the building, we found pizza strewn all over the bushes. Let me just say that again in case you’re a skimmer – THERE WAS PIZZA IN THE BUSHES. Within minutes, Lean saw a baby raccoon scavenging. It was a scene the likes of which I’ve never seen! Apparently the delivery man had a temper tantrum, making the wildlife around Lean’s apartment complex the lucky recipients of some good eats.

Yesterday I wrote a blistering diatribe to the owner of HotBox, explaining the terrible predicament of loving his vittles but loathing our experience, a tale so seething, it afforded me the pleasure of using the word “carnage.” I now patiently await a reply.

P.S. We discussed the name of this event, pronounced “orange” like the fruit and agreed that the gratuitous “j” is exhaustingly bourgeois, don’t you think?

7 Responses to “Margarita in a Box Trumps HotBox”

  1. KNH Says:

    And now, how can you ever order from HotBox again without expecting a sneezer?

    I loved Oranje last year and have been so out of it that I didn’t realize I missed this year. Not only is the “j” tiring, but one has to be extra-careful not to wear anything orange, lest one look like a giant fruit and a corny idiot too.

  2. PastaQueen Says:

    Woah, Pizza Express changed its name to Hotbox? I had no idea. I’ve seen the Hotbox in Broadripple but I had no idea it was the same company. Our old receptionist loved their pizza and got us to order it all the time.

  3. Kriss Says:

    WOW – somebody needs to work on his people skills. That delivery guy needs to find a nice, quiet, low stress job at the morgue, or something.

    And Orange with a “j” makes me want to say it like a French/Parisian/Slutty/Model.

    “Daaahhhhhlings. Shall we go to O-raaaahhhhhnge or stop at the cafe and devour the crumbs from a biscotti?”

  4. lisa Says:

    oh, I’m laughing and mourning the loss of such delicious looking pizza!

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    Margarita in a Box Trumps HotBox | Distracted by Something Shiny

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    Margarita in a Box Trumps HotBox | Distracted by Something Shiny

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