No, Really

A few weeks ago, Lean and I went to see K-bill’s new house – a cute bungalow with a cozy kitchen and great back yard. At least those are selling points that would appeal to most reasonable buyers. But not me. No, I’m the type of odd girl who’d choose a dwelling (or at least be super impressed by one) based on its neato doorbell! And believe me when I say that the doorbell at K-bill’s new pad is so rad, it’s my new favorite distraction, far outpacing my car horn and even my laser pointer. I’d never seen one like it so Lean informed me of its Victorian roots. It’s a twisty nob you turn to produce an old school, rotary phone-sounding ring. Such a pleasing ring that once I’d discovered it, I abandoned K-bill’s tour of her new place in favor of filming it. (Please ignore the insane camera positioning at the beginning of this clip. Please also ignore my sing-songy voice, the unavoidable result of growing up in a musical family and being a choir geek.)

So cool, right?? Later, still unsatisfied with the amount of attention I’d showered upon this inanimate object, I felt compelled to stage a dramatic re-enactment of its use, staring Lean and K-bill. (This time, please ignore my irritating giggles, our girly squeals, and the valley-girl intonation I inadvertently used to emphasize the “bell” in “doorbell.”)

Of course by the time I’d finished fawning over the noise-maker, I couldn’t recall any other distinguishing details about K-bill’s house. But with a doorbell like that, all the other stuff is just fluff, right?

You didn’t think I was joking about the whole ‘distracted by something shiny’ thing, did you?

3 Responses to “No, Really”

  1. Kriss Says:

    You sound ‘zactly like I thought you would. 🙂

    That doorbell is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

  2. Diana the Scale Junkie Says:

    You are CRAZY!!! LOL Where were you when I was selling Real Estate?

  3. Amy Says:

    My house has eaten two doorbells. That’s ok, since I don’t like visitors and neither does my dog!

    Meanwhile, small world time: apparently my David used to date your Lean! I guess you mentioned a blog with a lot of rabbit content (I’m sure the original conversation was more “that girl’s nuts” but someone niced it up through the telephone game effect) and she knew it was probably me. BIZARRE. I think David thinks we’re all nuts. He doesn’t get the blog thing, but that means I can talk about him with a lower chance of him reading it!

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