The Happy Couple

Last night I met Lean at Lulu’s to have drinks with one of her long-time pals and her pal’s girlfriend. They have a long history and now finally together, are so happy that rainbow juice oozes from their pores. It’s been about a year and a half since my last relationship and watching them glow with contentment made me long for pairdom. In truth I’ve halted the manhunt while I’m working through other important stuff but the single life, while glamorous in some respects, is also sometimes lonely. It didn’t help that we migrated to the seating area in the back of Lulu’s. It was like an Obnoxiously-Cute Couple bomb exploded all over the plush couches and cozy nooks. Luckily I didn’t have much time to sulk because the conversation quickly veered into odd territory, which is a nice way of saying that Lean was talking to our bubbly nymphet waitress about strap-ons while I blushed and tried to disappear. So bawdy was the conversation that a nearby middle aged loner couldn’t help but openly stare with eyes that said, “Can I PLEASE tape your conversation?”

Man this week kicked my ass, especially since I was in the classroom several times. In fact that’s where I am now, assisting an XHTML class. Thankfully after today, I have a 2 week block with no classes – hip hip hooray! (Wow. The fact that I just typed “hip hip hooray” means this is going to be one of those inner-monologue diarrhea posts, so I apologize in advance.)

In other news, I’m fully addicted to fabric and simply cannot stop buying more and more – there are so many lovely, inspiring prints! I just ordered some from, including 4 yards of a delicious French wallpaper print (the one in the middle) I’ve been stalking for months. I decided to make a shower curtain from it – purdy, huh? (Dear God – I just got an e-mail about a sale at Someone please freeze my assets!)

Pappy came here to have his back surgery so I can help him recover. I would’ve loved to go to Florida but can’t take several weeks off work. He seems really pleased with his doctor here and is definitely ready to get on with the show. I hope and pray the surgery helps and is the right thing to do. He’s gotten many opinions and the odds are good but I’m still a little nervous. Luckily I can just buy more fabric, which clearly is a good solution for any problem or emotional discomfort.


One Response to “The Happy Couple”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Must not look at fabric websites. Must not look at fabric websites. Must not look at fabric websites.

    I love your shower curtain print – very, very elegant.

    Sending lots of love to your Pappy for an easy surgery & a smooth recovery. 🙂

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