This week hasn’t turned out at all like I thought it would but in favor of boring you with that story just yet, I thought I’d share a few other tidbits. First, let the record show that I was so impressed with Heroes that despite the violence, I decided to give it another go. Lean and I watched more episodes of season 1 last weekend. We have a great system worked out, employing Seinfeld’s tried and true Yada Yada Yada method. Anytime something violent or gruesome happens, I cover my eyes and sing, “La la la!” Then when it’s over, Lean sums things up without the horrifying bits. “The mean guy sneaked up on the bitchy cheerleader and yada yada yada, she’s dead.”

In other Heroes news, Milo is my secret lover.

Tsubo PsitA few weeks ago while trolling on Flickr, I saw the cutest Mary Janes in a picture. The description said they were Tsubos, which I promptly looked up and found on several different shoe sites. I ended up getting this pair from Shoes.com. They’re a little kooky but I dig ’em. The size I ordered is a bit too small so I had to exchange them for a different size but one of the great things about Shoes.com is that you don’t pay for any shipping, even to return or exchange kicks. Love that! And even though the pair I got was too small, I could tell the shoes will be very, very comfortable. Love that too.

A few days ago my Dad and I went to Sapporo for sushi. It’s near my apartment and used to have delicious yummies, but I hadn’t been in more than a year. Unfortunately the vittles we had weren’t all that good, except for my Dad’s seaweed salad. Guess I’ll be going to the sushi restaurant near Lean in the future, which is fine because there are always lots of cute boys hanging out there.

And finally, I’ve decided to pitch a new show to MTV called Pimp My Resume. It all started when I helped out a few friends by re-designing their resumes. Word spread like wildfire and now I may have to quit my job just so I’ll have enough time to work on resumes! This is the perfect time for me to start demanding purses in exchange for my help.

P.S. You know what bugs me? When mastheads or logos at the tops of blogs and Web sites aren’t linked to the home page. Irksome! There’s no doubt a tiresome usability debate about that practice but I am staunchly FOR. How about you?


3 Responses to “Yada”

  1. Kriss Says:

    I don’t know how to insert a link behind a masthead or graphic. My bad. 😦

    You have a flair for all things creative, Ms. Mymsie; and I admire it immensely.

    P.S. You haven’t done an Abby post in FOREVAH!!!!! I miss seeing pictures of the little snugglebutt.

  2. Amy Says:

    David likes Heroes, but I just haven’t bothered to watch it. Doesn’t really appeal… I guess I’m not much of a TV person. I have Tivoed a lot of Clean House lately to get me to purge my own junk, though.

    Nothing like comfy shoes! I refuse to wear shoes that aren’t.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    Yes! The masthead thing is vital.

    Heroes rocks! Season 2 is starting out great as well. Did you see the new show “Pushing Daisies”? That was very strange but interesting too.

    You can shuffel around in your new shoes singing “Three Little Maids From School”

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