My workdays this week have puttered by at a snail’s pace, while my free evenings seemed to be over before they’d even begun. I’ve been eyeing the clock obsessively all day, longing for Hiro’s ability to time travel. I tried concentrating really hard and making a squinty, pained face but nothing happened, except for frightening innocent coworkers who happened to be walking by my office at the time.

I didn’t get home until pretty late last night because I agreed to teach a Dreamweaver workshop in Bloomington. For you non-Indiana peeps, IU, where I went to school (holla Ernie Pyle School of Journalism!), is in Bloomington, which is about 50 miles south of Indianapolis. Being on campus felt distinctly different than it has in the past. I usually go to Bloomington fairly often but hadn’t been back in awhile since a lot of my friends who lived there have moved. Still, even when I didn’t live in Btown anymore, it felt familiar and homey to me. But last night traipsing around my old stomping grounds without worries of papers and exams, I felt like a visitor – not in a terrible way but in a “I’ve moved on and am no longer one of them” way, my sensible shoes sounding the final death knell. It was just one of a multitude of signals I’ve been inundated with lately, all clearly proclaiming → You’re an adult! Thankfully I have a wealth of decidedly un-adult memories with which to beat back time. I’ll hold dearly to those.

Bah. All this reflection is exhausting. On to more important things…like my new haircut! I went to Aveda again and got 5″ lopped off:

New Hair Cut

The stylist straightened my hair, so that’s why it’s smooth and non-curly in the picture. Yesterday was the first day I washed it and sported my usual curls. I couldn’t get over how little shampoo and conditioner I needed and how comparatively low-maintenance my new style is. My enormous head doesn’t feel as burdensome either. I’ve gotten lots of compliments so I’m thankful it’s apparently an improvement on the clump of frizz I was sporting. People at work today keep saying it looks soft and then petting my head. While it doesn’t completely freak me out, it is rather odd to be stroked in that manner in the workplace, or any manner for that matter. (Stroked in the Workplace sounds like the name of a Lifetime movie about sexual harassment. Heh.)

Do you all have fun weekend plans? Hope you have a ball!

P.S. At 5 a.m., I woke up and heard that Al Gore had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I rolled over and as I fell back asleep thought, “There’s hope for us after all.”


5 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. The Bumpster Says:

    You know you’re getting old when….I’ll spare you the gory details of that comment.

    Next time you think you might have lunch with us. We’ll have to swing by the mall to the hair straightener kiosk. Maybe they can hook you up with the HairSmasher X2000.

  2. westwardbound Says:

    You’re hair looks fabulous! I’d love to see a picture of it curly. I still don’t have the guts to go shortish like that again, but I’m gearing up…maybe next spring.

  3. westwardbound Says:

    YOUR hair. YOUR hair. Egads. No apostrophe!

  4. KNH Says:

    Love your hair! Very flattering. Why you look so down?

    I went to IU also, and I went back last year for an O.A.R. concert. I felt old, old, olde-tyme amongst those fresh tanned young people. I did love tromping around campus a bit and remembering how much fun I had and how hard some of the classes were.

    Campus felt a little dirty, though, like someone needed to sweep the walk. Oh geez, I really am old!

  5. Snip Snip « Distracted by Something Shiny Says:

    […] she had to dry my hair for awhile to straighten it. I realized I hadn’t straightened it since the last time she cut my hair in October. It’s always nice to leave the task of straightening to someone […]

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