I’m It!

Maxine (Ms. Dangerous, if you’re nasty) tagged me for a fun meme. Here goes:

  • Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
    1. I listened to my Thriller record so much that it wore out and I had to buy another one.
    2. One day when I was in fifth grade, I went to the bathroom and encountered a girl with a knife. She said she would kill me if I told anyone. That school year turned out to be the most difficult one I ever had. I would cry everyday before school, longed for the weekends, and felt awful on Sundays, knowing I had to go back to school the next day. It so affected me that to this day, I unconsciously feel nervous and butterfly-y every Sunday evening.
    3. I use a fan in my bedroom all year round. The sound and light, cool breeze are comforting.
    4. My favorite snuggle position is when I lay on my side and Abby nuzzles up in the crook behind my knees.
    5. Even though I’ve never been a huge fan, I once had a delicious sex dream starring Tom Cruise.
    6. Wet straw paper and straw paper rolled into a ball really gross me out.
    7. The first time a boy asked me to slow dance, I was so nervous and afraid I didn’t know what I was doing that I screamed and resisted him pulling me onto the dance floor. Funnily enough, a few years later in high school, I developed quite a crush on that same guy but felt rejected by him.
  • Tag seven random people and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
    1. The lovely, sewing-advice-giving Lisa of Pink Lemonade Boutique
    2. The rowing, bun-rescuing Amy of Amy’s Gripping Commentary
    3. The slim and sassy PastaQueen of Half of Me
    4. The smelly and meat-obsessed SweetBasta, who doesn’t have a blog but had better list his seven things in the comments or else
    5. The adorable-baby-having, Mummies-loving KNH of Nicole, Deipnosophist
    6. The displaced Bostonian, NaNoWriMo-participating Westwardbound of Must be Motherhood
    7. The mini-van-driving, Great-Pyr-loving Kriss of Zookins

P.S. Since Maxine mentioned the song Elvira in her meme, I’ll add that my brother and I used to listen to that song on a record when we visited my grandparents. We would laugh til our sides hurt at the “Ooomm-bopa-ooomm-bopa-bow-bow” part.


5 Responses to “I’m It!”

  1. lisa Says:

    ok, fine, I’ve resisted that past few of these thrown my way, but your flattering description of me just suckered me in. I’m easy. And shallow. That’ll be fact number 1 BTW.

  2. Amy’s Gripping Commentary » Seven random things meme Says:

    […] Since both Maxine and Mymsie mentioned Elvira, I have to add that my brother and I used to play it all the time on the jukebox […]

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    1. I was “country”, when country was cool.
    2. I always delete any e-mail that tells me I should forward it. (I think it is my right to decide if I want to forward an e-mail or not. Nobody is going to hell, or un-patriotic just because they don’t forward a stupid e-mail)
    3. I think the neck tie is the most ridiculous accessory ever.
    4. If someone tailgates me I slow down by about 5-10mph. If they honk, I smile and wave.
    5. I like to lurk around message boards where people are getting angry and calling each other names. I then leave a comment with the ID of Yoda such as: “Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.”
    6. I have danced the part of the “Mouse King” in the Nutcracker.
    7. I always have a hard time coming up with random and/or weird facts about myself.

  4. dcsw Says:

    Scary, but I put the words to Thriller on my blog tonight then randomly stumbled onto yours from http://www.kristynicole.com/ to see what the hell meme is all about and I saw your thriller post……

    ooooooh, scaddy!

  5. KNH Says:

    I, too, noted the Thriller connection.

    I finished the meme, as you know. I wrote it before I read anyone’s so I wouldn’t be poisoned by writing about seven similar things.

    I have a ceiling fan whirring in my room too!

    Thriller + Sleep Eats + Ceiling Fan = separated at birth? It’s the only explanation that makes any sense, yes?

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