This Is Why I Like Spaghetti So Much

Happy Birthday to Lean

Last night we hit up Salsa Night at the Jazz Kitchen to celebrate Lean’s birthday and we had a ball. Lean is quite the sassy dancer and even knows how to lead if there’s a shortage of boys. It was fun experimenting with gender roles but Lean took it too far when she snapped, “Get my beer woman!”

We enjoyed a hummus sampler, tilapia, and two scrumptious desserts – a profiterole and a rich, decadent brownie concoction (which we may or may not have fought over.) There also happened to be a pack of Italian boys nearby who were far more delicious than any vittles we had. Moxy caught the eye of one and ended up having a cozy chat with him:

Mox & an Italian Fella

Could you die? Mox is all “Oh my God – he’s touching me!” and he’s all “Bellissima!”

SweetiesThe Italians happened to meet two Americans at the hotel they’re staying in. One of the Americans (with whom I had a lovely chat) had been showing them around town. He told me their favorite places to eat were Applebee’s and Boston Market. He also said he took them to Cracker Barrel and they were in awe. When they got inside and saw the old timey store, one of the Italians who is normally very quiet and shy grinned and said, “I like this.”

The guy who originally started talking to us kept saying how shy he was but we knew better. He was quite the flirt and seemed to take a liking to Lean. When I asked to take his picture he said, “No way! You’ll put this on YouTube and my wife will see it.” Still, he e-mailed Lean this morning and invited us to join them tonight at “Slippery Noodles,” which for you non-Indy folks is a bar that’s actually called Slippery Noodle Inn.) Heh.

We had a great evening and numbers were exchanged so we’ll see what happens. Better brush up on my pizza toppings just in case.

P.S. K-Bill was in attendance last night too but she’s dead to me because she made fun of my new purse. 😉


One Response to “This Is Why I Like Spaghetti So Much”

  1. Kriss Says:

    AAAAAHHHHHHHH – I’m so excited for you – swapping phone numbers will hopefully lead to swapping spit!! Yay!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Love your jaunty new purse!!

    P.S. I would maim for some profiterole. I tried one last time we were in England, and thought I had died and gone to sweetie heaven.

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