Notes from the Classroom

I will no doubt burn in hell for thinking ill of certain cerebrum-ally challenged students but some workflows are so lacking in sense that they deserve a good and proper mocking. To wit, what might make you think that clicking in the same spot over and over and over will eventually trigger your arbitrary desired result?

That’s all I have to say about that.

Have you heard that we might get flurries tomorrow? Yippy!

I know I’m late getting on board this train, but I’m totally digging The Office these days. The girls and I have been watching episodes here and there and I am officially super-crushin’ on Jim. And did you happen to catch Rainn Wilson as Dwight on the Emmys? He stood proudly beside Kanye West and in a Weird Al-patented, nerdy ghetto brogue offered “Let’s get lost tonight – you could be my black Kate Moss tonight!” Even ‘ye, in all his metro-sexed, Through-the-Wire gobbed, fresh fade sportin’, designer sunglasses wearin’ glory erupted into giggles. Welcome to The Good Life.

I have to teach three times this week. Pity me.

In closing, I’d like to note that I have a bad feeling my foot is broken. But instead of going to the doctor to find out, I plan on sporadically blogging about the terrible pain I’m in AND unexpectedly snapping at innocent bystanders at least once a week. Good call, right?

One Response to “Notes from the Classroom”

  1. Amy Says:

    You should have told the person to reboot and then click that same spot again. It would buy more time for them to look silly. 🙂

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