Nerd Alert!

Do you remember this scene from the first Austin Powers movie?

It still cracks me up! I especially love when he’s looking back and plows the cart forward. If I had a dime… The reason I thought of that scene is because yesterday I was pondering nerdy things and could suddenly hear Austin Powers saying, “Nerd alert!” Isn’t it scary funny how my mind works?

And why, you ask, was I thinkin’ on dorkdom? Well, I taught an Excel class last night and we talked about y = mx + b and R2, which reminded me of my high school Calculus class. All the students had to get graphing calculators and since it was a small town, it happened that we all bought Casio FX-250Ds (probably from the now-defunct Ben Franklin where I had a part-time job.) My friends and I always joked about our geeky camaraderie and were quick to offer to whip out the ol’ FX-250D anytime anyone had a problem. One day someone borrowed mine, left it on top of my locker, and it was stolen. My family didn’t have a lot of money with my Dad unable to work and my Mom a grad student, so I was pretty upset. The new calculator I got wasn’t an FX-250D so I felt out of the loop after that. Fortunately I graduated soon and now all these years later, I still have that replacement graphing calculator. These days the only thing it’s good for is pressing 55378008 to spell BOOBLESS upside down.

And to whomever stole my FX-250D –> Suck it!

P.S. Upon Sundry’s suggestion, I listened to some Jesca Hoop tracks and I’m smitten with one in particular. It’s called Enemy and you can listen to it here. The accompaniment sliding down the scale in the second and following refrains (“Like an innocent child that followed every line back to my enemy.”) is the reason I love to sing – it gives me chills.


3 Responses to “Nerd Alert!”

  1. Amy Says:

    Haha! I think that’s the only scene I remember from that movie! Oh wait, and the Who does Number Two work for part…. You show that turd who’s boss!

    I saw that movie on opening night. I guess I must’ve been really bored b/c it’s not really my kinda movie. My goofy brother dragged me.

  2. Kriss Says:

    You worked at Ben Franklin? You’re my hero! Ours just closed about 2 months ago, and I miss my crafties.

    Jesca Hoop has a great voice – “Money” is the theme song to “Dirty Sexy Money”, right? I don’t watch the show, but I recognize her voice from the commercials.

  3. SweetBasta Says:

    Yeah Baby! Yeah
    Do you find me sexy Baby?

    Loved the first Austin Powers, the Second one not so much. I don’t think I have even watched the third one.

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