Of Note (But Only Barely)

  • Evil heart burn plagues me today. The upshot is that I have a legitimate reason to do that silly Pepto dance.
  • When you’re eating something crunchy and have your head phones on, you probably won’t notice that you sound like a field hand.
  • I had yesterday off for V Day. It was a wonderful day of napping, sewing, fabric organizing, laundry, and snuffling with my Bear.
  • Speaking of Abbs, she got the works at Petsmart yesterday and looks SO fluffy and adorable. She’s even still wearing the complimentary bandanna. Normally she pulls those suckers off right away. She was a very good girl so she got her favorite post-grooming treat, a Greenie. Everything turned out well but dropping her off to be groomed is always so traumatic. She chirps and paces and slips and slides on the hair-covered floor. Then there are the requisite terrified and shivering dogs already being groomed and looking as though they’re being tortured. This poor German Shepherd bippie looked so scared. I told her to repress like any good German would.
  • Last night, Lean and I ran a few errands. Right before she picked me up, she spilled an enormous bag of kitty food in her car. Let me again stress that the bag…it was big. Naturally the spillage was all over the front passenger seat. It was raining cats and dogs (appropriate) so we scooped up as much as we could and then headed to the car vacuum conveniently located at my apartment complex. There, in the pouring rain, with my arse hanging out of Lean’s car, I vacuumed up the stray vittles. I can assure you that by the time the ordeal was over, I looked and smelled really pretty.
  • Our next stop was the local M•A•C store, where Lean purchased her old faithful lipstick and some new foundation. I’m so lazy – I suppose I should wear makeup but foundation has always felt so icky to me. Plus my skin is persnickety so it would probably erupt into boils if I tried a new health-and-beauty aid. I did get what the nice M•A•C lady said was the kindergarten/training wheels version of their lip products. It’s Lipgelée in JellyBabe. I’m SO wild!
  • The nice M•A•C lady was born in 1986 so Lean and I felt like The Golden Girls.
  • Next we headed to Starbucks where I requested a sugar-free gingerbread shot in my soy latte. It was OK but definitely had an over-the-top, fakey sweet aftertaste. I think next time I’ll try the sugar-free caramel. Lean has helped me refine my perfect bev since she worked at the ‘bucks for awhile and knows lots of insider tips.
    • Apparently Starbucks does not recycle. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Think of all the waste from just one store. Lean said she talked to a regional manager and he was all “We don’t have the facilities.” We are WAY past lame excuses like that. I’m going to see what I can do to start a petition to let the big wigs know we’d rather drink from a puddle than buy from a corporate giant that can’t be bothered to recycle.
  • I can’t stop listening to Hard Sun from the Into the Wild soundtrack. It’s Eddie Vedder at his best. ♥ ♥ ♥ it!

3 Responses to “Of Note (But Only Barely)”

  1. SweetBasta Says:

    You should get a steel statue of Abbs. Then you would have “Abbs of Steel”!

    V-day off was very nice. Took the boys to see “The Bee Movie”. Let me tell you honey, it was one sweet movie, with a stinging message.(please stop me!)

    I think that Starbuck’s cups and cup sleeves are made from at least partial post-consumer paper. So they are at least reusing some of it. It is not totally thier fault they can’t recycle though either. Indiana makes it almost impossible for businesses to recycle without it costing them a lot. What is stupid is for the State of Indiana not to have mandatory curbside recycling. The fact that so much paper, aluminum, and glass just gets buried or incinerated is terrible. They probably do recycle in states that make it possible.

  2. Kriss Says:

    Hope you’re heartburn goes away. I’ve found that generic walmart antacids work the best for me (and Zoey has to take one every day, to keep her acid reflux at bay).

    Lipgelee looks fun – much better than flakey lipstick.

    Jesus Christmas – 1986????? Is she even old enough to work without a permit?

    I heartpump Eddie Vedder. This one reminds me a little of his Temple of the Dog days. I can’t wait to see Into The Wild!!

  3. Amy Says:

    Supposedly you can take your own mug to Starbucks and just have that filled! Of course, if anywhere doesn’t do that, it’d be Hoosierville.

    Casper went to the groomer today too! She ignores the seasonally-themed bandanna. She actually likes the lady despite all her weird phobias (Casper’s, not the lady’s). If Abby has lots of money and would like to learn about a groomer in Nora who would let her come to her house (maybe a little less scary than the store?) and stay the day in a crate with other nice doggies around, Casper would be happy to talk to her. The lady makes sure to schedule us on days when little dogs will be there since Casper likes them best!

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