Postus Monotonous

After sleeping straight through the night, I woke up this morning at 6:30 a.m. Under the incorrect assumption that I was well-rested and ready to start my day, I decided to enjoy the extra time by taking a nice hot bubble bath before work. Within a few minutes of sliding into the tub with a good book, I was nodding off, risking rendering my reading material a soppy clump o’ pulp afloat in a sea of suds. I quickly exited the tub and crawled back into bed for what I thought would be a 20-minute snooze. Unforch, I woke up an hour later feeling more rested but having no desire to leave my snuggly nest, especially when my only impetus was to avoid being latER for work. In a scene reminiscent of my sunrise bubble bath, upon arriving at my office, I found myself nodding off again, this time risking that my head might drop onto my keyboard and leave me with some nasty indents. But wouldn’t it have been cool if the indents spelled “boob?”

Speaking of breasties, I cooked a turkey one in my crock-pot on Monday and have been enjoying it all week. It’s so moist and delish and couldn’t be easier to prepare. Buy a turkey tit, take it out of its bag, pitch the little bag of innards, drop the rest into the crock-pot, cook it on high for a few hours, and voila – a fine squab for one and all! (Note: Status of Operation Vegetarian → poor.)

So, getting back to my day, in order to rouse myself, I left my office in a mad rush for coffee only to find Mother Nature having the audacity to spit snow. (Note: I worded that sentence to avoid having to use the past tense of “spit,” which just doesn’t sit well with me as it rhymes with “shat.”) Indy peeps, could you believe how windy and cold it was today? Yowsa! Still I persevered for my caffeine fix and managed to mainline enough to keep one eye open for the rest of the day.

A constant frustration for me is that my body clock is not suited for morning productivity. I’m always sluggish early in the day but am at my peak in the late afternoon and evening. I’m so over having to fit into that antiquated, nonsense, 9-5 paradigm, especially when my work is not bound by regular business hours. We’re stuck in our old ways, overworking ourselves to death, and not taking the proper time to decompress – all decidedly and uniquely American and in keeping with our consumptive, un-holistic, linear, money-grubbing ways. (Where’s my passport?) Even though I’m not entrepreneurialy compelled, I’ve always thought that if I had a company, I would be open minded and flexible regarding schedules and generous with vacations and bonuses, which certainly have a cost but easily earn their keep in increased productivity. I understand that some jobs require certain hours but not all of them do, nor do they necessitate working exactly eight hours everyday, regardless of a changing workload. When we’re finished with our work and have done it well, we should be able to leave and when there is extra work, we should work late. And don’t get me started on cubicles! I’m blessed to have my own office but have spent my fair share of time in Cubicle Land. Think of how much better we would all fair in creative, outside-of-the-box workspaces. Wow – this is getting ranty. Can’t we all just get along?!

One more thing (if I haven’t bored you to tears yet), I watched a PBS documentary once on Circadian rhythms and how our societal norms are not congruent with most people’s body clocks. In fact statistically, tweens, with their rapidly-changing bodies, have been found to work better and score higher on tests when they start school later in the morning. I think I’ve heard of some schools dipping their toes in those waters, no? Hopefully that practice will find its way into the working world as well.

P.S. The left arrow key on my laptop is sticking. I just took the cover off but it’s the actual button mechanism that’s causing the trouble. How can I remedy this malady?

3 Responses to “Postus Monotonous”

  1. Amy Says:

    Man, on the way in this morning I was thinking, “I’m SO not a morning person.” It’s all I can do to get out the door before 8:30. Half my coworkers have been at work for an hour then. We do have flexible schedules to some extent, but we have to be here from 9-3 and the surrounding hours are the flexible ones. I only work from home in emergency weather, but I wish I could do that more often.

    Anyway, the upshot is that people will often ask if I’m sick or what’s wrong with me because I look SO draggy on my way in. I can go to bed early and have the same bedraggled look.

    Three times in my life I’ve taken night shift jobs. I’m wired for those! Plus they pay you more. But then you get into a relationship and sacrifice your body clock by taking a day job so you can be awake when the other person is.

    I wonder if you can put a Tofurky in the crock pot…

  2. Kriss Says:

    I was a morning person, but this freaking time change has mucked up my internal clock. I like the mornings, but only because it’s quieter before the sun comes up.

    Get some sleep this weekend, okay?!? You sound like your body is trying to tell you to get some rest. Do it now, before you end up getting sick.

    Slow cooker turkey is also awesome when shredded & mixed with a bottle of chicken gravy. Makes yummy sammiches! 🙂

  3. kate1976 Says:

    Can’t help you with the mouse conundrum but I completely sympathise with your sluggishness in the morning – I am not meant to be out of bed before 10. It is just plain wrong. Having said that, I dont want to waste my perkiness early evening so ideally I would like to work parttime – 10 til 3 would be just fine!

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