Breaking News

Yesterday I made a very important discovery → I loathe tomato juice. Maters are delish so I thought I would enjoy the juice but after tasting it, yech, yech, yech I say. The flavor isn’t too bad, although it’s bordering on unpalatable. For me the deal-breaker is the consistency. It’s way too close to chunky. *shudder*

How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Mine turned out to be great. I had dinner on Thanksgiving day with Lean and her fam. We dined at her younger brother’s palacial house and were awed at all the modern amenities such as Guitar Hero and indoor plumbing.

For the rest of my break, I relaxed, relaxed more, and sewed. I’m working on a housewarming gift for K-bill. (Remember her new house?) Everything wrapped up on a lovely note when on Sunday I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity. I can’t even remember the last time I felt that way. It was unexpected but wonderful and made me think I should start playing the lottery.

Mox went to Miami, FL to spend the holiday with her family so I kitty-sat for the lovely Ms. Emmy-Lou. Now I looooove dogs but Lou-Lou stole my heart. She is such a doll! My favorite cute things she does:

  1. She talks…a lot. We had many chats about the trials and tribulations of being such a fluffy girl.
  2. She purrs like Johnny Cash sang – slow and steady like a train. I wish dogs could purr and Lean and I have discussed how it would be nice if boys could purr too. Then you might avoid some of the redonk ambiguity you encounter when dating.
  3. She loves to get scritches under her chin and when I dole ’em out, she closes her eyes and makes the most adorable blissed-out face of all time.

In summary, my cat allergy didn’t stop me from hoppin’ aboard the Kitty Express.

On Sunday, Mox and I saw I’m Not There at Keystone Arts. It’s definitely avant-gard so since I don’t know a lot about Dylan, I was confuzzled. There were tarantulas and the whole bit with Richard Gere was bizarro. I enjoyed it but left nonplussed and only able to note:

P.S. Yesterday I was thinking about the phrase “give head” (don’t ask), and started wondering what its origin is. Among other explanations, I found this, which seems reasonable. Thoughts?


One Response to “Breaking News”

  1. Kriss Says:

    YAY for the Serenity Sunday!!!!!

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