On Blast

I’m kind of over On Blast taking up precious sidebar space, so I thought I’d share linkies and fun stuff in posts from now on. Try not to get too overwhelmed with excitement!

  • Monday evening on NPR I heard Ma Xiaohui (pronounced like “mah shah-way”) playing a traditional Chinese instrument called an erhu. It sounds like a violin but is somehow more heartbreaking and forlorn, like the tragic story of parted lovers. The music she played had an air of simplicity but was also painfully beautiful and apparently quite complex. I so enjoyed listening. My favorite piece was The Birds and the Horse, which she played at the end of the show.
  • This honest guy returned a $2 million tax refund check sent to him mistakenly. Day-um!
  • Did you hear that Bon Jovi might run for New Jersey governer? Would you vote for him if he were running in your state?
  • Snuffly bun and dear.

One Response to “On Blast”

  1. Amy Says:

    I bought one of those Petwerks condos recently! They’re nice bunny people, until recently located in the Bloomington area. The pics have been circulating the net for awhile though.

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