I Dun Gud

Some readers might wonder why I have a Klutzella DeVille category, so I thought I’d share the latest reason I’m the clumsiest girl on the planet. Yesterday was a particularly rough day so I sent out an All Points Bulletin and Lean and Moxy came to the rescue. We decided to meet at Moxy’s pad for debriefing and on the way, I got some hot chocolate from the ‘bucks. I was so shaky that the minute I got into Moxy’s place, I spilled all the hot chocolate on her beautiful, pristine carpet.

The Stain

I think it’s the biggest stain I’ve ever caused in my long history of staining things. Poor Mox tried her best to clean it up while I hid in the corner and whimpered. She got up a lot of it but it’s still quite an impressive mar.

I checked out Stanley Steamer but they have a minimum fee of $75. Word on the street is that Bissell Oxy Pet or Woolite Oxy Kick are good so I may give them a try. I could rent one of those carpet cleaners you see at the grocery store but I have a feeling I might do some serious damage behind the wheel of such a cleaning behemoth. Plus carpet cleaners are probably like Kryptonite for a chronic spiller like me. If I get near one my skin may start melting

You’re wanting to have me over sometime soon, huh? I’ll be sure to step in dog poo before I arrive and bring a leaky decanter of red wine.


2 Responses to “I Dun Gud”

  1. Amy Says:

    I rented the grocery store thingy when I moved and it did ok, but I don’t know that I’d say it was super-stain-removing. I do have one of those small Bissell green machines which works decently on pet stains AND my Kirby, the vacuum to beat all vacuums, also has a carpet shampooer system that I’ve never used. If you would like to figure it out (or just try the friendly little Bissell), we could meet for dinner finally and I can loan you the monster along with the fun VHS instructions that show you how to water your plants and massage your head with the various attachments (I am SO not kidding!). No pressure, but if you want to try it, let me know!

    That does look like an industrial stain, so it might need a professional. Some of them say you don’t pay if they can’t get it out!

  2. SweetBasta Says:

    Maybe you should just pay to have her carpet replaced. You could get her a nice throw rug to just cover the stain. At least now she has something to hold over you for a long time.

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