Truly a Merry Christmas

Something gluttonous is happening in my apartment right now. It’s a bit bourgeois but as I mentioned earlier, 2007 is An Asshole and I haven’t had the time or energy to stay on top of keeping my apartment clean and tidy. So as we speak, a Merry Maid is hard at work, tackling giant Abby-fur balls and layer upon layer of dust.

During the last few months, I felt so overwhelmed about how much cleaning I needed to do and ended up burying my head in the sand every weekend. It hasn’t helped that I’ve officially outgrown a one-bedroom apartment. I’ve re-organized, consolidated, and eeked out every free inch of space but my shiz is still overflowing. Then last week it hit me – throw some money at this problem! And throw I did. I’m taking a last-minute trip to Florida because my Dad isn’t doing well, but the Maids managed to fit me into their busy schedule this weekend.

Yesterday someone came over for an estimate. I showed her around and asked her to ignore the insidious clutter. When we got to the bathroom, she looked at my tub and said, “It’s not bad at all.” I told her about my modicum of pride and that I’ve done my best to stay on top of certain chores. (I might also add that Tilex Fresh Shower helps TREMENDOUSLY in the battle against soap scum.)

Within 10 minutes, the Merry Matron had assessed the damage and presented me with an estimate. True, it’s rather spency and indulgent but I am so, so relieved to not have to fool with cleaning right now. And apparently they clean everything – cobwebs, blinds, ignored nooks, even the little stopper in the bathroom sink. Hold me!

So while the cleaning is going down, I’m hanging out at my apartment complex clubhouse where there’s free wireless. As I type, out of the corner of my eye I can see people running and lifting in the exercise room. One girl was actually talking on the phone while running. I can barely talk on the phone without getting winded, so I can’t even imagine multi-tasking like that. I do think I could manage certain dual-tasks, like say, drooling and scratching myself or holding down the couch and snoring. Reach for the stars!


5 Responses to “Truly a Merry Christmas”

  1. westwardbound Says:

    Oh, the Merry Maid idea sounds marvelous. Kudos for doing it. And cell-phoning whilst running whilst on a treadmill is just a comedy sketch waiting to happen. BIfF!

    Hope your Dad is okay.

  2. Kriss Says:

    Yay for the Merry Maids! I see nothing wrong with being a little self-indulgent, especially when it’s the holidays & you’re already stressed.

    And I, too, hope things improve with your Pappy.

  3. KNH Says:

    I’ve been reading your page through Google Reader, so I hadn’t seen your marvy new banner. I’m laughing!

    As for the maids, I struggle with the cost too. I’m too ashamed to have them clean when it’s totally filthy, so I do a little sprucing with the intent of calling a maid. Then, due to the aforementioned sprucing, I think it doesn’t look that bad and I can do it myself. Then it’s a week…or two…or….and it’s filthy again. Yes, I’m amazed by my own moronicness, too!

    Sorry to hear that your dad isn’t doing well. I hope he improves.

  4. SweetBasta Says:

    Cleaning people rock! We have one come by every other week. Mostly because we can’t stand to clean the bathrooms. We went with an independent cleaning professional, they tend to be a little cheaper than the service.

  5. A-frame Says:

    Merry it up, hunnybuns – this is an excellent idea. I wouldn’t call it self-indulgent. Pick your battles, especially in the wake of 2007-The-Asshole. Or you can be like me and only clean up the fur balls from the floor when they actually roll in your wake as you bustle down the hallway sporting laundry on your hip.

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