It’s Beginning To Leak A Lot Like Christmas

I didn’t have the heart to tell you guys this weekend but 2007 continues in all its glorious assholery. Friday morning I awoke to find my ceiling leaking. This has happened before but I was no less shocked and irritated. I called my apartment’s emergency maintenance number and huffed “My ceiling?! IT’S LEAKING!! And my things? THEY’RE WET!” Apparently they’d just installed new appliances in the apartment above mine and somehow the fridge line came loose and was gushing water. GUSHING. I’m just SO thankful I was home because it could’ve been much worse.

Also, to cap off the-year-formerly-known-as-2007, because I don’t have much paid time off left, I heading to Florida tomorrow but have to fly home on Christmas day. I’m thinking about re-enacting some scenes from Planes, Trains, & Automobiles during my flight. “Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones!…”


4 Responses to “It’s Beginning To Leak A Lot Like Christmas”

  1. beki Says:

    Oh no! I hope that the new year brings some goodness your way. Safe thoughts to you on your travels!

  2. Amy Says:

    You should have a Bout Time 2008 party!

    Once a foster rabbit bit through my fridge’s icemaker line and flooded my kitchen…

  3. PastaQueen Says:

    I once went to a bridal shower out of town and returned home the next day to discover the toilet upstairs had a mental breakdown. I lost about $200 of books and they had to pull up the carpets to blow huge fans under them.

    This week I noticed some water stains on the ceiling of my closet, though thankfully nothing got wet. Upstairs, downstairs, water can get you anywhere.

  4. SweetBasta Says:

    Well at least it wasn’t terlet-dripp’nz.

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