I Just Flew In From Ft. Lauderdale And Man Are My Arms Tired!

Thank you, thank you – I’ll be here all week!

Having to work on the day after Christmas blows. I’ve eaten more pieces of leftover holiday candy than there are people in my office. While this is the perfect time to make photo copies of my booty, I’d much prefer to be at home.

There were only a few people on my flight last night, so I got to stretch out in an exit row. It was nice to leave the plane without bruised knees. I took a cab from the airport to where my car was parked and the driver totally went the long way to beef up the fare. Since it was Christmas, I didn’t say anything until I was afraid we were headed downtown via Pittsburgh. Twenty-four bucks later I made it to my car. I rushed home for a warm, snuffly homecoming with Abbs. She was a very good girl while I was gone but apparently had some tummy troubles. She’s a wee skittish so next time I may just put her down before I leave. … KIDDING!!

Overall my trip went very well and I enjoyed the warm weather. Pappy preached at a Christmas Eve service, which was lovely. His sermon included an oft-repeated anecdote from my childhood. Apparently I called “Away in a Manger” the “catalog song” because I misunderstood the “cattle are lowing…” bit. Cute, right? Don’t you wish you’d known me then? As B always says, “I wish we were friends since kids!!”

Apparently everyone is sick with one cootie or another. Lean has a terrible stomach bug and people at work are hacking and snorting. If you’re sick and reading this and thinking of trying to make out with me later, forget it perv!

I’m checking in on Lean’s kitties tonight and I desperately need to unpack and do laundry but I’ll probably hold off until I’ve run through my summer wardrobe and formal wear stash. Sometimes it’s nice to don a circa ’94 prom dress for work.


4 Responses to “I Just Flew In From Ft. Lauderdale And Man Are My Arms Tired!”

  1. Kriss Says:

    Welcome home!! Happy Abbs is feeling better – maybe she was just stressed? Poor little peanut.

    LOL @ the “cattle are lowing”. I’m definitely a member of the “catalog owing” group!!

  2. Amy Says:

    Sorry you have to work!! I’ve found, though, that being off just means I spend a lot of money on things I didn’t have time to take care of when I was working all week, like tires and carpet and such.

    Before bed, we would recite “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep….” and all that jazz. Except my little brother thought it was “Now I Amy” and he would “play the Lord.” Hehehhe

  3. Amelia Says:

    Belated merry Christmas!

  4. A-frame Says:

    It must have been kinda wunnerful to hear your da preach.

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