Current Events

Me: Dow Drops More Than 250 Points On Job News: The stock market plummeted on news of the unemployment rate hitting a two-year high. MORE DETAILS

B: Doesn’t affect me.

B: …much like Darfur, Iraq and melting polar icecaps

Me: and someday, you’ll be able to use that Confederate money again!

B: No.

B: I barter with animal fat, blankets and candles.

Me: It’s funny to talk about BMI because it has BM in it.

B: If only we could excrete fat from our anusi, though!

Me: Is anusi the plural of anus?

B: I think

B: “anuses” didn’t look right

Me: Good call

B: I do english good.


3 Responses to “Current Events”

  1. Kriss Says:

    But melting polar ice caps affect everyone.

    I just read another article about all the polar bears that are drowning, because the chunks of ice where they used to stop and rest have all melted. The thought of a life without polar bears makes me want to cry.

  2. Mymsie Says:

    Oh my gosh, he was totally being facetious. Isn’t that awful about the poor bears? 😦

  3. KNH Says:

    I saw footage- that showed some polar bears struggling for survival- on the great miniseries Planet Earth (I’d provide a linky but Mymsie’s stupid WordPress would bury my comment). I literally cried when I saw it. I totally agree: life without polar bears is sad.

    Switching gears: are B’s bartered blankest smallpox-riddled? Fun!

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