Movie Marathon

The start of a new week is the perfect time to re-cap the exciting events of the weekend before last. (So yeah, I’m behind.) I had a ball and saw lots of movies, which is to say I subsisted solely on popcorn and Diet Coke all weekend. Nutritious!

Friday my friend Kristie came into town. We met in a class at the School of Journalism at IU and have been friends ever since. She introduced me to Bernard and our relationship ended up being an extremely important one in my life so I owe Kristie, like, at least $5.

We saw Atonement, which was good but very depressing. Other thoughts:

  • The movie was a veritable Where’s Waldo of religious symbolism, complete with its own feet-washing scene.
  • The lush English countryside and glamorous 30s fashion were stunning. (This was my favorite dress, although no one with a BMI over 10 could wear it.)
  • How can Keira Knightley be so talented at such a young age? She was born for period piece roles.
  • I’m glad I didn’t read a lot about the movie beforehand, so my reaction was unfettered and organic.
  • I would love to read the novel the movie is based upon. It’s such a creative, thoughtful, thrilling tale.
  • Did I mention the popcorn?

Saturday Mare and I finally got to see Juno, which I’d been so excited for. You must see it – it’s quirky, funny, and oozing with feel-good floofies. Jason Bateman did a great job of being a lovable asshole and Michael Cera is too cute for words. Ellen Page, who played Juno, is quite the spit fire. I’ve seen several interviews with her and she seems a lot like her character. She boasts this delicious combination of acerbic wit, naiveté, and wisdom beyond her years. It’s all utterly irresistible when sprinkled with her masterful use of teenage vernacular. Can you believe she’s 20-years-old? She looks so young!

Sunday Mare and I saw Charlie Wilson’s War, just to make sure we’d done all we could to support the film industry. My lasting impressions are:

    • The United States’ foreign policy is atrociously bad and our legacy is overwhelmingly one of aiding other countries when it benefits us and heading for the hills way before the job is finished.
    • The hair and make up in the 80s were exceptionally bad! There is one scene in which Julia Roberts’ character is applying make up with a shockingly heavy hand. She was the picture of a devious-but-charming Texan socialite-slash-fascist with impeccable manners and a penchant for throwing over-the-top soirees. You know the type – perfect for obscuring political jockeying in a perfume-laced haze of peach Bellinis and shrimp cocktails.

      Ooo – I forgot to mention that I finally watched Music & Lyrics and it was pretty bad. I was expecting something along the lines of Never Been Kissed but instead got more of a Failure to Launch. Hugh Grant was all wrong for the role he played and the chemistry between he and Drew was totally flat. Good thing I didn’t end up paying lots of late fees for not returning the DVD before I went to Florida.


      2 Responses to “Movie Marathon”

      1. Kriss Says:

        I’m absolutely dying to see Juno.

        You had my ideal weekend – lots of time in the dark!!!!!

      2. patrick Says:

        been meaning to see atonement, certainly looks good by the cover

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