I’m Goooood

A little thing I like to do around the holidays, besides making out with a mall Santa, is give my coworkers treat bags. It’s nice to spread some cheer and it doesn’t hurt to distract from my pile of unfinished work. Since I went to Florida unexpectedly, I wasn’t able to finish the goody bags before I left. I decided to make them New Year’s themed instead, and adorned each with a tag that read “Here’s to a great oh-eight!” I started thinking and realized I could milk this rhymey-schymimey thing for awhile:

  • Hope your 2009 is extra fine!
  • May 2010 be full of zen!
  • Best wishes for a 2011 that’s absolute heaven!

You’re thinking about never coming here again, aren’t you? Well don’t leave before I solicit your opinion on something my Office Crush said this morning. He popped into my office and gushed, “Thanks for the treat [Mymsie] – you’re so good!” Hmm… I think that means he liked the rubbers I slipped into his goody bag.

Last week, Amy and I had a long, winding phone chat covering topics as diverse as menstrual cups and clear cutting in Maine. In that spirit, I charge you with working the following non sequiturs into conversation this week:

  • Rhinestones: Chic adornment or trashy knock-off?
  • The United States’ policy in Guatemala
  • How to clean a black-light poster

The Story of StuffHave you guys been shopping recently? I’ve braved Super Target several times since Christmas and have managed to leave without any Valentine’s or Easter candy. How can there be reasonable justification for selling Cadbury Creme Eggs in January? What is wrong with us? I happened to watch a movie last week called The Story of Stuff. It explains the origins of our consumerist way of life and breaks down the steps involved in creating and distributing all the crap we buy. An inherently flawed system is revealed, rife with waste, poor stewardship, and short-sightedness. The movie’s done in a very creative style with video, clever animation, and plain talk. It’s 20-minutes long but worth every second. Fascinating and informative!

P.S. To meeboguest835185 who used the chat widget on my sidebar to send me this message: “Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to say I think you’re an excellent writer and your entries are SO interesting!” → Sorry I couldn’t respond – I was at lunch but thank you so much! What a lovely, kind thing to say. Also, will you be my best friend?


3 Responses to “I’m Goooood”

  1. lydia Says:

    1. “Hmm… I think that means he liked the rubbers I slipped into his goody bag.”: HAHAHAHA!!! Oh, I needed that laugh. 🙂

    2. What the heck is a menstrual cup? Is that the thing they came up with a while back that’s like a diaphragm only you can use it for Aunt Flo? If so, I vote nay. 😉

  2. Amy Says:

    Rhinestones: All I can think of is the Bedazzler on Amazing Discoveries with Mike Levy! I think he died. My brother and I used to watch those infomercials together late at night when we couldn’t sleep.

    I think I would like that movie! It sounds like it would fit in with my philosophy….

  3. KNH Says:

    Amy and I actually had a rather long conversation a few weeks ago about the spelling of Bedazzler/Beadazzler. It turns out both are correct, but I prefer the kitschy spelling with the “a,” as it seems to bespeak the product’s true nature.

    I tried to have a stuff-free Christmas one year, begging my whole family to buy me nothing, just gifts of spending time together. Sounds cute, right? Well, they thought I was an idiot. Merry holiday to you, too.

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